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Rep. Ros-Lehtinen announces new policy-legal adviser: Keith Fernandez

From a press release:

Miami, Florida - Today, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announced the appointment of Keith Fernandez as her Legal Counsel and Director of Communications. The appointment, effective immediately, places Fernandez at the head of the Congresswoman's media and communications operation in both Miami and Washington, DC. Fernandez will also serve as a close advisor to Ros-Lehtinen on legal and policy matters.

Said Ros-Lehtinen, "I'm excited to have Keith on our Congressional team. His political work and issue advocacy are well-known in South Florida and he is a valuable addition to our already great staff. Keith's insights on current events and policy will assist me in representing South Florida and will provide a valuable perspective on policy decisions."

Background: Keith Fernandez, a Miami native, is a graduate of the University of Florida, Levin College of Law and Florida International University. He previously served in various political roles for Ros-Lehtinen and served as a judicial intern to the Honorable Bertila Soto. Fernandez is actively engaged on several policy issues and looks forward to working for his friends and neighbors in South Florida.


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Ed Jenkins

I don't know if this will change this lady's horrible record and her history of going against her constituents and sometimes even making votes to antagonize her constituents. I have voted against this awful woman in every election I could and plan to until we can permanently retire this awful witch.


Let's see if Mr Hernandez can do more to communicate the Congresswoman's position on a government shutdown and debt ceiling increase in more precise terms beyond her current stance: "We're working on it."

Joe Clark

Keith is a key political operative in Miami who has managed her campaigns for years... He is in her "inner circle" and has extensive dc experience from his time at CHLI. Smart move for her.


I thought the government was shutdown? Or are shutdowns only meant for the "little people", Mrs. Ileona Ross-Leona Helmsley? They shut down our government, but she is busy at work making staffing decisions. Apparently, she has the essential employees needed to interview, to hire and to communicate to the public the "essential" news about her new advisor? Shutdown, yes or no? Insulting. The families of furloughed employees should be outraged. The timing is not only questionable, but a slap in the face to us little people.

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