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Ros-Lehtinen calls shutdown 'political posturing' with 'terrible consequences'

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican from Miami, has little sympathy for her colleagues who are trying to make an ideological point with the goverrnment shutdown.

"While financial and budget issues are often the cause of much noise from Washington, this year’s ultimate failure is a reminder that political posturing can quickly lead to terrible consequences for the everyday lives of American families, businesses, and their futures,'' said the statement released by Ros-Lehtinen's office this morning.

"The American people send us to Washington to work together for the betterment of our great nation; not for ourselves,'' Ros-Lehtinen was quoted as saying. "It’s way past time for all parties to work together in a genuine, bipartisan and adult manner to end this unnecessary government shutdown. This is not some abstract exercise. It has real consequences for our communities and our families. It’s high time to end the political showmanship, and together, create a solution." 

Her statement called the federal shutdown "an alarming event" caused by federal leaders who "were unable, or unwilling, to reach an agreement on how to fund its operations." 


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Ed Jenkins

This lady is probably the worst representative in the state and needed to be removed years ago. She could care less about her constituents and just lives off her husbands last name and her Cuban heritage. I have voted against here every chance I had and hopefully we can get a good candidate against her this time.

Patriot 4 Jesus

If she thinks its posturing, we will vote her out. We don't want any Republicans that act like Democrats! South Florida politicians need to stop pandering or get out! The TEA PARTY IS ALIVE AND WELL!

kevin Wright

Most of the government is now and will be open. The closures will be targeted for political theater to embarrass conservatives. Shutdown is not the word, vacation is a better word. This Obama/Saul Alinsky power play is a PAID FURLOUGH for DC Democrats.

AMC movie theaters are giving free popcorn to "victims" of the furlough. US Park Police are now engaging in street actions against the WWII Veterans that paid for their monument with their blood and treasure.

Term Limits

Ros-Lehtinen would be credible if she wasn't so full of s*it.


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen voted for the shutdown! Not sure if that's clear in this article when she talks about it being the fault of inept people in DC. She can count herself among them.


Ileana Ros Lehtinen is famous for being everywhere and nowhere. She goes with the flow. Yes, she voted to shut down!!!
I use to vote for her and no more. If I could I would fire every single Democrat and Republican. I am sick of our government.


Representative Ros-Lehtinen,
We don’t hear your voice LOUD AND CLEAR against this extreme position from your colleague’s in the House. You are part of the problem as all the others who are willing to harm our country nationally and internationally to keep their stubborn position against the Affordable Care Act that like it or not is the law!!!


If she really believed what she said she would vote to fully fund the government instead of continuing to vote with the far right in the Republican Party. She can't have it both ways. I'm Cuban like Ros-Lehtnien and I'm looking at the big picture, namely, this shutdown and the debt ceiling crisis to come are assaults on the U.S. Constitution. Whether you think Obamacare is bad, or whether you think government is too big, Ros-Lehtnien's actions are an affront to the country she has chosen to live in. For my part, I offer apologies to my American friends.


Just a quick follow-up. If you contact Representative Ros-Lehtinen's office and ask what her position is on the shutdown, the debt ceiling debate, etc., the current position is: "We're working on it." I'd be better represented by a five year old.


"We're working on it." What are they working on, the spin? How to be for and against something at the same time? This town needs an enema. Mrs. Ileana Ross-Helmsley, needs to go. She voted to shut down, while insulting the 'little people' with her cryptic, yet sophomoric attempt to stand for nothing except herself.

Henry P

There is plenty of blame to go around for both parties. Further, how high can the debt ceiling actually go? Ad infinitum? Can we print our way out of this mess? C'mon! We need healthcare, but we also need balance. She is balanced and measured. We need more of that and less name calling. I have always known her to do the right thing, cut her some slack.


She is a fraud. She voted to finance the government with the condition of defunding Obamacare, at the urging of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, knowing full well that such a dirty CR bill was dead on arrival in the Senate, thus throwing us into this Shutdown and Debt Limit mess. Now, in typical fashion, she is trying to wash her hands by seeming like a "mature" and "reasonable" leader. She is a joke. Rubio is a clown. We need to get these insurgents out of office and into the streets where they belong. Our country is being hijacked by pandering demagogues. Enough with these politically suicidal extremists.

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