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Scott won't answer if he supports or opposes federal partial shutdown


Gov. Rick Scott refused to answer whether he supports or rejects the government shutdown that has crippled Washington, deflecting the question by blaming President Barack Obama.

“What I agree with is the fact that the buck stops with the president,'' Scott told reporters at a media availability this moring. "It's disappointing he doesn’t know how to compromise and negotiate. I’ve done it for three sessions."

Won't the shutdown have an impact on the state? 

 “We’re looking at all of our agencies to see what impat it’s going tohave on our state,'' he said.

The governor was also asked whether he supports  , to develop an alternative flood insurance market in Florida for homeowners trapped in enormous rate increases in the federal program. Congress passed the bill in 2012 with an overwhelming majority and Obama signed it and the bill's supports are urging Congress to pass a delay to stop the unintended consequences.

Scott again refused to answer what his position is and again blamed Obama, a strategy he has consistently employed of late as part of a campaign strategy.  

"The president signed the bill. He could have an impact by stopping it,'' he said. "He needs to put a pause on that bill."

Video: News Service of Florida


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tony smith

you're an idiot. the FL legislature is controlled by Republicans. So, the comparison is just bogus. But you're an idiot!

Tim J.

Mary Ellen is not an idiot but she plays to the administration's hand too often. The elected officials get a pass and she gets access. That said, Rick Scott has demonstrated a total lack of leadership and I will not vote for him again. I prefer Charlie Crist if it's against Scott.

Kennedy nwaokoh

Vote this guy out he destroying lives and soon to be the state.

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