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Scott's mantra -- blame Obama -- is campaign prelude

As Gov. Rick Scott stood before a group of Realtors in Clearwater on Tuesday, he used the spike in federal flood insurance rates to do what has become his weekly mantra: blame President Barack Obama.

Nevermind that it was congressional inaction that allowed a key provision in the federal flood insurance act to take effect — despite misgivings about the unintended consequences by most of its supporters. Scott accused the president of threatening to cripple Florida’s real estate recovery by failing to stop rates from rising.

In seeking reelection in 2014, Florida’s Republican governor, whose favorable rating hovers below 40 percent in most polls, has found a favorite, equally vulnerable target in the nation’s Democratic president.

With Obama only slightly more popular than Florida’s governor, Scott loses nothing by bashing the president. And he’s got plenty to gain by revving up his Republican base while winning over independents unhappy with the president.

Scott will likely square off next year against Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor who is now a Democrat. Part of his strategy will be the same one employed by Republican Marco Rubio when he defeated Crist, then an independent, in the 2010 U.S. Senate race. He must link Crist to Obama every chance he gets.

In the last month, Scott has blamed Obama for federal budget cuts to Florida’s National Guard troops. He’s complained about the president’s failures in launching the Affordable Care Act. He’s accused the administration of failing to repair the aging dike that threatens Lake Okeechobee. And he has chastised the president for failing to lead as the government headed toward a shutdown.

“The buck stops with the President. We need leadership now,” Scott said in a Tweet to his 40,000 followers on Wednesday. More here.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/05/3671870/scotts-obama-bashing-is-warm.html#morer#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/05/3671870/scotts-obama-bashing-is-warm.html#morer#storylink=cpy


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Chas Holman

Being the history enthusiast I am, I almost ENVY the future generations of children who will be able to read about the great self made, GOP manufactured financial crisis of 2013.

I am certain this history will not be very favorable to Republicans.

Congress has a fiduciary and judicial obligation to pay the bills for the laws they have passed, it is really quite simple.

The GOP is playing d@mn games. I should of known where this was going when they started out by reading Sam I Am and telling stale one liners on the house floor for 21 hours.


It is true, this horrible economy is due in part of Hussein Obama, his team said last week "we are winning" winning what? destroying the United States the Furlough should be the senior advisers. You will see how fast this will get resolved.

Ed Jenkins

While not a voter for him originally (I sat out the election rather than choose between a political novice in Scott and a dirty banker in Sink) Scott has won me over with his focus on his job and not just constantly finding another office to seek like the slimeball Crist. He is correct that he and the governors nationwide have a tough job trying to overcome the anchor that is the horrible national economy and of course the source of that bad economy is the most anti-business Whitehouse since the one in the 30s that kept the country mired in a great depression. However he has proved successful in balancing the budget while states like Illinois and California approach bankruptcy and it even appears that we will get a $500 million tax cut of some kind.

Can't take anymore

News flash for Miro and Eddie: Scott will lose to Charlie Crist and Obama will still be president in 2017 until Hillary is sworn in. Looks like your Tea is getter more tepid every day.


It would be a refreshing dash of irony to have a reporter - any reporter - switch from blaming Bush to blaming Obama - the Blamer in Chief. But the sycophantic media is in love with him and have given up all pretense of objective journalism.


And why not? He takes a page out of Obama's playbook: blame everything on his predecessor, Bush.

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