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Sen. Bill Nelson: 'reckless right-wing' House members instigated gridlock

An email to supporters from Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, parlaying off the finding of most polls finding that Americans are more inclined to blame the GOP from the current logjam in Congress:

I want to apologize for the partisan gridlock over the budget that a handful of irresponsible and reckless right-wing members of the U.S. House of Representatives have instigated.

They have managed to shut down many of the federal government's services and programs simply because they couldn’t get their own way and get rid of the country's health care law.

This disruption may end up doing a lot of damage to a lot of people, and many believe they are putting the U.S. economy at risk to advance their own agenda.

Consider: More than 70 percent of our intelligence community has been furloughed, despite the ongoing threats that terrorists pose to our country; many of the workers in our nation's space program have been sent home; and the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center has had to stop seeing hundreds of patients.

We need Americans to speak out and tell this small group of right-wing extremists to stop! Can you add your voice to such an effort?

Sign on to my open letter now -- and urge these House extremists to drop their outrageous demands and reopen the government.

Thanks for joining me in speaking out.


Bill Nelson

P.S. This week, I spoke more about the federal government shutdown. If you're interested, you can watch video of my remarks here. Then please be sure to sign my open letter.


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Craig Manns

It's nice to offer a little wiggle room for the so called moderates. But I will offer no such concession. It is not a small faction of the Republican party. It is all of them. Quite simply those that can afford to pay taxes have the political power to say no- " We aren't going to. We would rather pay lobbyist who only represent us than pay for a Government that represents everyone". Stand your Ground Senator. It is time to take the government back from these radical bastards and put it back in the hands of every citizen in the US.


It's obvious republican House members don't understand the definition of closing down the gov't! Their paychecks should not be paid and their offices and all the perks they receive, have to be eliminated during this period. If they are locked-out, they can meet in the House cafeteria. Just to delay their checks doesn't mean anything since all of them are well off financially but locking offices would hit them right where they feel it. Let's get the Congressional Police working on this!

Ed Jenkins

It seems this confused old man (last seen or heard from flailing at drivers at an intersection in 2012) did not get the script handed down by his bosses at the White House who were behind this "shutdown:
Said a senior administration official: “We are winning. . . . It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.”

The reality is that none of the "government" that is not operating this week is needed and people are realizing that by the fact that their lives have been unaffected by this "shutdown". We now know that these unnecessary workers can be laid off without any negative effects while saving us taxpayers a lot of money.

John Kunes

That's an important fact: "More than 70 percent of our intelligence community has been furloughed, despite the ongoing threats that terrorists pose to our country"

This has never been about what is good for America or the American people. It is about representatives taking care of their medical and pharmaceutical corporate sponsors who do not want to pay a 2.5% medical device tax.

Sandra Flavin

Ed Jenkins is an idiot...

C. Parker

Ed Jenkins hasn't a concept of what nearly every citizen already knows.....The Republican Tea Party and their associates( too numb with fear of political repercussions) have damaged the Democratic process of our country. Ed Jenkins just repeats mindless propaganda thrown about by paid puppets. He mimics because he has nothing original or insightful to bring to the debate.

Ed,..It's got to be difficult to shave each morning.

Swamp Fox

I wish Floridians would wake up and see how little we need a bloated, inefficient and out of touch Federal Government. Washington DC is ignorant of the needs of real people. Has your life been impacted by the "shut down" of 17% of the non-essential Federal employees? I know people are still receiciving ALL of their Federal entitlements. The power is still on, grocery stores have shelves stocked full and the POTUS can still play golf. Of course, WW2 veterans cannot visit an open field monument dedicated to their awesome victory over fascism and tryany. Many citizens would be better off with a smaller Federal Government, less taxes and intrusion in their personal life.

Dale Reeves

Our House leadership is demonstrating their underlying agenda, certainly not doing the will of the people. Everyone I have spoke to regard it as outright DISTRUCTIONISM in practice. Those responsible for this sabotage to American stability will be seen as such. Stand firm and let the cards fall where they will.


im a repulican, republican lick your your hurt and reconize defeat, now move on and fix the mess both parties have created

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