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Shutdown myths about the ocean and Amber Alerts face Truth-O-Meter

From @PolitiFact

The shutdown has been going on for a week now, and the claims in social media are starting to get a little extreme. We recently looked at two statements floating around the Twitterverse:

• The Obama administration shut down the Amber Alert program because of the government shutdown. Our fact-check looked at how the Amber Alert program actually works: It's a state-based program, and two Amber Alerts were issued while the government was in shutdown. We rated the claim False.

• The Obama administration shut down the ocean. This far-reaching claim is based on closures at the national parks. Officials have restricted access to Florida Bay, a body of water that's part of a national park. But a bay is a bazillion gallons short of the whole ocean. We rated the statement False.


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I heard the ACA was going to take away our guns and give them to the Death Panels.

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