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Steve Crisafulli sounds alarm on House Democratic fundraising gains

In the wake of Amanda Murphy’s surprise victory two weeks ago, just how spooked are House Republicans about losing any more seats?

Very -- from the tone of a Monday e-mail from incoming House Speaker Steve Crisafulli of Merritt Island to members of the House Republican caucus.

While Crisafulli notes that Republicans are raising money at a record pace, he stressed that average fundraising is actually declining. Meanwhile, he says, Democratic members are raising more money on average.

“This is a trend that must be broken!” Crisafulli states (bold and underline are his).

True fear? Motivational tool? Or both? There's no threat that Republicans will come even close to losing their majority (they control the House 75-45). 

What's interesting is how naked the emphasis on fundraising is among House Republicans. Not only is everyone told they must raise a certain amount, but now everyone knows that Crisafulli and other House leaders are keeping score.

Incoming Florida House Minority Leader Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach said he didn't know if Democratic members were outperforming their pace from two years ago (the last non-election year).


"If Speaker Designate Crisafulli says so, my guess would be that we're doing pretty well," Pafford said. "But we're not spending resources tracking it like they are."

Here's an attached spreadsheet of which Republican House members have raised what: Download scoresheet

Here’s the email.

From: Steve Crisafulli <>

Date: October 28, 2013, 1:17:47 PM EDT

To: Steve Crisafulli <>

Subject: IMPORTANT: Update on Member Fundraising

Dear Members,


Following up from our meeting in Orlando in August, we asked that each of you seeking reelection reach the minimum benchmark of having raised a total of at least $35,000 for your campaigns by September 30. Unfortunately, almost half of our conference has raised less than that to date. Attached, you will find a list of every Member and their fundraising totals thus far, so you can see where we stand as a caucus.


RPOF House Campaigns is continuing to raise money at a record pace. However, I would like to stress that individual Republican Member fundraising is actually declining on average as compared to this time in 2011, and Democratic Members are raising more money on average this year than they were at the same time in 2011 - this is a trend that must be broken!  


Like you, I recognize fundraising is a commitment of time we would rather spend in other ways, but given the tough election year ahead, we MUST redouble our efforts so that everyone has the financial resources for victory. This is a battle to continue moving Florida in the right direction, and it is essential that we win!


I would like to particularly recognize the following members for their extraordinary fundraising reelection efforts during this past quarter:


Dana Young

Matt Hudson

Mike Hill

Jose Diaz

Halsey Beshears

Holly Raschein


The goal we laid out for the end of this year is for everyone to have raised $50,000 total.  Hopefully, you will find it helpful that starting this Friday, November 1, you may raise $1,000 per contributor, instead of $500.  Also, please remember that, beginning October 1, House candidates will now file monthly reports instead of quarterly reports.


I and your House Campaigns staff stand ready to assist you to reach your goals.  Let us know how we may be of assistance!