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Strange bedfellows: FL Dems and Tea Party Miami agree, call Steve Ross ads 'slanderous"


Politics make for strange bedfellows, as the saying goes. And it's particularly true when it comes to billionaire Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross, who is seeking taxpayer money to retrofit a stadium he could pay for out of his own pocket.

Ross has managed to unwittingly unite TEA Party Miami and the Florida Democratic Party.

But first, some background:

Unable to get the Legislature to sign off, Ross founded Florida Jobs First to target/support un/friendly lawmakers and candidates. So the political group is funding ads in a special election in Pasco County that bash the Democrat.

But TEA Party Miami doesn't much like the "billionaire welfare" of Ross who, the group says, is trying to buy lawmakers. So the conservative group blasted out an email today taking Ross to task and calling the Pasco ads against Amanda Murphy "slanderous."

The Florida Democratic Party couldn't agree more and sent out an email noting the statement. FDP also called into question the seriousness of Florida Jobs First, which receives political advice from a New York (not FL) political consultant, Michael McKeon.

"What kind of advice is Steve Ross getting from his New York City team of spin doctors, spending big in a district 300 miles away from Miami?" FDP asked. It's a question Republicans are asking as well.

We reached out to McKeon by email. He refused to comment.

Another quirk: Florida Jobs spokesman Eric Jotkoff used to be the FDP's spokesman.


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FACT: Everyone the Florida GOP and Republicans.

Where is Miami-Dade GOP on this? Where is the Miami Dade GOP Chairman, State Committee on this?

Where is Carlos Curbelo and Leyvia on this?

The Tea Party should split from Republicans for good.


*everyone hates the Florida GOP

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