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TEA Party Miami on Steve Ross: a "NY pig" seeking "welfare" for Dolphins stadium


RossBillionaire Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross's foray into seeking taxpayer funding for a stadium retrofit failed in the Legislature and was likely to fail at the ballot box anyway.

And the Republican money-man's decision to blast GOP lawmakers from Miami has rallied local tea party activists who called him a "pig" in an email.

In an unexpected twist, the tea party group is calling Ross-funded mailers in a Pasco County seat "slanderous" even though they help the conservative Republican candidate. The group says Ross just wants to "buy" the Legislature so taxpayers can then finance what he should pay for out of his own pocket.

Said Ross' spokesman Eric Jotkoff: "We are not going to respond to name calling, especially when aimed at a man who has investment heavily in South Florida to create jobs and opportunities for countless families. That is just sad and unfortunate. Rather we will continue to focus on our mission."

Here's the press release's text:


Soon after Florida state lawmakers said NO to billionaire Steve Ross’s request for almost $200 million in taxpayer funding for a new Miami Dolphins football stadium, the New York city real estate mogul threatened to "take-down" certain state senators and legislators who he believes prevented him from getting his hands on the money.

Steve Ross formed and funded the “Florida Jobs First” SuperPAC with the intended purpose of defeating the re-election of the most vocal opponents of a Bill he sponsored, and then lobbied state representatives to pass - to have Florida residents and vacationers pay for upgrades for his Sun-Life stadium.

Ross failed in his quest to gain taxpayer funding for his football stadium mainly due to the outcries and objections by Bill Weatherford, Carlos Trujillio, Michael Bileca, Jose Felix Diaz and a few other state lawmakers who oposed the “billionaire welfare.” The Steve Ross funded political action committee then began a public relations campaign to slander and discredit those representatives that he felt were responsible for his defeat.

The first attack-mail campaign by the Florida Jobs First SuperPAC began in June and was intended to "take-down" Weatherford, Trujillio, Bileca and Diaz, but a new round of slanderous TV ads and propaganda mailings are now being distributed to residents in Pasco County, in anticipation of the October 15th primary elections, and in order to convince voters to vote for the candidate that supports Steve Ross, and his ever evolving campaign for taxpayer subsidies for his football franchise.

Miami-Dade hotel concierge Michael Delmont stated, “Why should Miami residents subsidize a billionaire? If he wants to build a brand new stadium for his sports team then he should pay for it himself.”

Miami Tea Party activist Susan Sanchez stated what most Miami residents must feel, “why is a rich guy from New York using a Miami politial action committee to buy an election in Orlando? He thinks he can buy enough Legislatures to get his hands on our tax dollars. He's perverting democracy through his political action committee. It’s anti-American, bad for business and it’s just plain bad for Florida residents and visitors.”

TEA Party Miami


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Sadly, they are correct on the Ross part. Weatherford and company are pigs too though getting rich off of lobbyists and contracts (see pretty boy Christian Dean Cannon).

Ed Jenkins

Ross should sell the team and stay with his fellow New Yorkers up there rather than continuously trying to screw us residents of South Florida for his own benefit. It is not our fault that he got ripped off by Huizenga and was so stupid to pay $1 billion for the Dolphins.

ric friedberg

Ross got a deal from Huizenga at only 1 billion for the team and the stadium.
Since Ross has owned them he has done nothing but lose and demonstrate managerial incompetence and the team and stadium is now worth 1.3 billion.
Not a bad return for his investment.

I also think he should sell the team and go back to NY with the other fake conservative Bloomberg and leave us alone.


Not that it changes her rant, but Miami Tea Party activist Susan Sanchez obviously doesn't know where Pasco County is located.

William E. Foote

She's a Tea Partier, she not a rational learned person.....(see government shutdown)!

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