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The political-disaster math: Government shutdown > Obamacare website woes.


A mathematical comparison of the latest political disasters is straightforward: Government shutdown > Obamacare website woes.

That = bad news for the GOP.

Polls show the public disapproves most of congressional Republicans after they precipitated the partial shutdown to stop the Affordable Care Act. Tea party poll numbers are lower than ever.

The shutdown could have cost the economy as much as $24 billion. After it ended, the Affordable Care Act remained, the failures of its sign-up website drowned out by intramural GOP conflict.

Florida Republicans — including congressional candidates, the governor and the GOP senator — are on defense.

Was anything gained?

“No. I think there was some ground lost from a political point of view,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican, told ABC’s This Week on Sunday. “Tactically, it was a mistake to focus on something that couldn’t be achieved.”

When asked about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s pledge to “do anything” to stop the act, Bush said the GOP needs to “start solving problems” and do a better job of picking its battles.

“Have a little bit of self-restraint,” said Bush, who also faulted President Barack Obama’s leadership.

Many Republicans running for office are far more reticent about criticizing Cruz’s tactics — including Bush’s son, George P. Bush, a candidate for Texas land commissioner who said he supported the senator’s defund-Obamacare push.

But Jeb Bush’s blunt comments are the antithesis of those of Florida’s current governor, Rick Scott.

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I read an article about Columbian women trying to get a road build. They conducted a cross your legs campaign (no sex) until the government agreed. They did.
Maybe our congressmen and women should do the same until our government works together.
Begin today.

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