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2 posts from November 2, 2013

November 02, 2013

Last-minute lawsuit challenges Miami Beach candidate's residency


An emergency lawsuit was filed Friday to get Miami Beach Commission candidate Sherry Kaplan Roberts off of Tuesday’s ballot.

She has been dogged by allegations that she doesn’t live in the city — a requirement to run for office there.

Roberts said the suit had been filed by local blogger John P. Morgan. He recently filed an elections complaint against Roberts for the same reason.

“This is a charade and a joke, and there’s no merit,” Roberts said. “This is the worst of political dirty tricks and it won’t work to distract us.”

Roberts accused one of her opponents, Micky Steinberg, of actually being behind the suit.

Steinberg’s husband, Richard, hit “reply all” to an email notifying several people about the lawsuit, Roberts said. His email pointed out where Roberts was located so she could be served with the suit.

Richard Steinberg is a former Miami Beach state representative. He resigned after a texting scandal.

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City, postal service question campaign-finance report filed by Miami commission candidate


The campaign of Miami city commission candidate Richard P. Dunn II came under scrutiny Friday when the city clerk asked the state to look into the campaign’s most recent finance report, and a U.S. Post Office inspector said he believed the candidate mailed the report to the city 18 days after the Oct. 4 deadline — much later than the campaign claims.

Dunn, considered the frontrunner for the city’s District 5 seat in Tuesday’s election, filed a campaign finance report with the city last week that listed some questionable spending, and the campaign has admitted to paying some workers in cash, which is against state elections law.

The report was due at the city clerk’s office Oct. 4, but arrived Oct. 24, city records show. Still, Miami Elections Coordinator Dwight Danie accepted it as on time after seeing a postmark on the 1-Day Priority Mail envelope dated Oct. 4. The Dunn campaign told Danie it had mailed the report on Oct. 4 but it had gotten tied up in the mail.

The timing is important because state law says a campaign may be fined $500 for each day a finance report is late.

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