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After Doral mayor's (spite?) vote, Donald Trump sends Miss USA pageant to Vegas


Bad blood on Doral’s City Council has cost it the 2014 Miss USA pageant.

After being a front-runner to host the beauty pageant, owned by Donald Trump,a recent vote to authorize City Manager Joe Carollo to work to bring the pageant next year had Mayor Luigi Boria cast the lone dissenting vote.

That was enough for Trump.

“You want to avoid awkward complications like that,” said Ed Russo, project consultant for the Trump Organization. Russo spoke on behalf of Trump, who is in Moscow for Saturday’s Miss Universe Pageant. “It’s going to return to Las Vegas because of the lack of support from the mayor.”

The official announcement will be made after Miss Universe on Saturday.

Other Doral City Council members were disappointed Friday.

“It’s a shame that what the mayor says and does is making us lose millions of dollars for the city and positive press,” said Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez. “It was ours to lose.”

Councilwoman Bettina Rodrigruez-Aguilera echoed Rodriguez.

“My concern is now other organizations follow Trump’s lead,” she said.

Boria has recently faced criticisms for his personal yet public spats with council members and Carollo. The ugliness has captured headlines, particularly after pushing to oust Carollo — a move that was met with no support from the rest of the council.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/08/3739739/trump-nixes-doral-as-host-of-miss.html#storylink=cpy


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This idiot mayor has cost the city millions of dollars because of his childish antics. When such an unqualified person is elected, this is the result.

Economic Driver

Such an embarrassment for the City of Doral, and on a worldwide scale. And after all the money and jobs that Trump triggered with the incredible renovations at Doral. It could have had a very profitable impact on the city and help recruit more of the international population and events. I thought a Mayor's job was to foster all of that, not drive it away. What a flake.

Doral guy

What an imbecile!!! He should be voted out of office. Another example of an arrogant idiot.


It takes a "little man" to put his pride before the City he represents!
And it willl take our votes, come reelection to make him go away!


This mayor is a joke. Unfortunately, the joke has just cost us all a lot of great publicity and money that this event would have brought to Doral.


Thanks !! Mr Mayor. You just cost us business owners here in Miami,thousand and thousand of $$$$.

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