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Bon Appétit rises to Immokalee farmworkers defense, bashes "pseudo" complaint

Not every food-industry company is getting behing a big-business funded complaint against the Coalition of Immokalee Farmworkers. Here's an email from Bon Appétit Management Company:

"At Bon Appétit Management Company, we are proud to be partners with the CIW. In fact, we were the first food service company to work with the CIW and develop a Code of Conduct. We did so without having been the target of a single protest. We took action because everyone deserves to be paid fairly for their work, treated with respect, and protected from toxic work environments and the Campaign for Fair Food was our best tool in that effort.

"We are quite concerned about the often disingenuous and potentially nefarious actions of so-called industry groups such as the Worker Center Watch. We believe the motivation of the WCW does not lie with the "industry" it claims to represent — or at least they should not speak so broadly for all food companies. We are a well-known food service company that supports CIW in securing fair treatment of workers who harvest some of the food we serve.

"As with other pseudo advocacy organizations such as the Center for Consumer Freedom (with whose representatives we've tangled before ), WCW appears to be more concerned with tarnishing the image of well-known advocacy groups and cutting off their funding money than doing anything constructive."