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Charlie Crist faces Truth-O-Meter three times since 2014 campaign launch

by @amysherman1 and @katielsanders

PolitiFact Florida has fact-checked Charlie Crist three times since he announced his campaign seeking to get his old job as governor back:

* In his announcement speech, Crist said: "I am proud of my record as the governor investing in public education, and stopping the layoffs of some 20,000 school teachers during the global economic meltdown." We rated that claim Half True.

* "(Rick Scott is) a governor who cares so little about education that he didn’t even come to his own education summit," Crist said during his announcement speech. "But he did take time to go to the tea party convention the same week." We rated that claim True.

* On MSNBC, Crist said: "First thing he [Rick Scott] does when he comes in, Chuck, is cut education by $1.3 billion," Crist said. "That’s an incredible decrease. Then in his second year he decreases funding by $300 million to our state universities." We rated that claim Mostly True

To review Crist's full on PolitiFact Florida click here.

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