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Charlie Crist's campaign, donors look like extension of Obama for Florida


Charlie Crist’s career as a Republican was ruined four years ago after he hugged President Barack Obama onstage; now he says it could be his salvation as a Democrat.

Running again for his old post with a new party affiliation, Crist is being embraced by another aspect of the president: former Florida campaign workers for Obama, who has twice carried the Sunshine State.

At least seven former Obama Florida campaign workers — from his pollster to a top political consultant to media experts to his fundraiser — now form the nucleus of Crist’s new campaign team.

And top Obama donors, pleased with Crist’s help on the campaign in 2012, are expected to follow.

“I’ve always liked Charlie Crist, even when he was a Republican,” said Ralph Patino, a Coral Gables lawyer who helped the Obama campaign’s Futuro Fund raise $30 million last year for Hispanic outreach.

Patino, who hosted a Friday Democratic National Committee fundraiser headlined by Obama, invited Crist the day before when the governor stopped by and asked for his support.

“The Obama world has an interest in Crist — they had him speak at the Democratic National Convention,” Patino said. “That showed me, even back then, that they had an interest in Charlie Crist.”

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Ana Gomez-Mallada

No, actually his "career" got ruined when people began noticing how he can never take a position on an issue but rather fli-flops as his own convenience requires. Since Charlie "the Windsock" Crist has no convictions, he cannot be trusted by anyone to truly carry their banner.

ed jenkins

Florida's most despised former governor continues to waste all of our time and interfere with us getting a democrat candidate who can actually win an election. We have seen this man rejected in the republican and independent parties and now he is wasting the democrat's chances by discouraging a viable candidate who can actually win in the mold of a Bob Graham or Lawton Chiles from running. Even worse this fraud is now trying to attach himself to a president who threw hundreds of thousands of Floridians out of their medical insurance plans and ruined plans for millions of others in the state.

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