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Cocaine, contradiction and Congressman Trey Radel


Trey Radel owes Big Government. Big time.

Like other tea partiers, the freshman political newcomer from Fort Myers went to Washington to keep government out of our lives and to fight government spending.

At the same time, Radel and some buddies were snorting cocaine. In his private tea parties, the question of one-lump-or-two of sugar had a whole different meaning.

On Oct. 29, the two parties collided.

Radel was busted after an undercover agent in Washington sold him what’s known as an “8 Ball,” an eighth of an ounce of cocaine, or 3.5 grams for $260.

So time to rail against Big Government telling a private citizen what he can do, right? Time to question the governmental costs of the drug war, eh? Maybe even wonder about equal treatment under the law? Growing police power and the Fourth Amendment?


Radel, 37, just apologized and went to rehab.

All the talk of less government, big spending, personal freedom and the Constitution were blown away amid the Republican’s expressions of contrition in a case that highlights our political contradictions, especially when it comes to drugs.

“A lot of Republicans say they’re against big government, but they’re not,” said Jeffrey Miron, a Harvard University economist and fellow of the libertarian Cato Institute.

“Most politicians are for big government,” Miron said. “The question is: Which big government are they for?”

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American Guy

When you live in Southwest Florida. You are in the land of the TEA PARTY. And when you speak up and post a comment in places like Craigslist. You will quickly find out that arms of power are suited to serve the powers to be. After I posted a very honest and opinionated comment in the political section. I found that posting stuff about Trey Radel ( the tea party favorite that was found buying cocaine) was not welcome. SO they Blocked my opinions. They actually blocked what I had to say. NICE HU.
Welcome to America!
I expect that from China or Cuba..or even Iran. But in my own country?? Trey Radel must have something to hide! So much for freedom of speech. Now I know what it feels like for WIKI LEAKS!

American Guy

ed jenkins

The readers of the Miami Herald continue to wonder why they are being inundated with stories (this may be the 5th or 6th) on some congressman from districts far from here who has no effect on them nor do they have any ability to affect him. Please report on issues and people relevant to your readers.

Timmy Twotoes

I personally enjoy reading about the hypocrisy of our elected officials. Guys like Trey Radel don't deserve the support of the Tea Party and I hope they quickly pull their support from this clown and back a different candidate worthy of going to Washington D.C.


Ed Jenkins, Trey's district is in a border county and until gerrymandered included parts of the east coast. So it's not far away. Trey's parties there are legendary according to his pal's and drivers of party buses here.He votes on federal policies that affect all Americans.Is it okay for him to receive federal monies while doing drugs; while at the very same time voting for drug testing disabled Veterans and poor people seeking food and shelter? Are you saying, the only people that can use illegal drugs are the ones who can afford illegal drugs? He openly commented that the Cocaine in Columbia provided a much better high; than the Cocaine he buys here!!! Really Ed? Is that what you are complaining about; press coverage?

richard armstrong

I believe it is time for Connie Mack to run for Congress.

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