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Columnist Carl Hiaasen: No free pass for Charlie Crist

By Carl Hiaasen

Good-time Charlie Crist is back.

He wants to be governor again, and polls show he would beat Rick Scott if the election were held today.

Big deal. Richie Incognito would beat Scott if the election were held today.

The polls don’t mean much because Scott, although one of the most unpopular governors ever, is about to spend $100 million to get re-elected. Anybody who thinks Florida voters won’t get fooled again has been dipping into the bath salts.

Despite a stumbling first term, Scott’s prospects for 2014 are much better than they were in 2010.

Back then he was a political newcomer with zero charisma, zero credentials for public office and a ton of money. Today he’s a sitting governor with zero charisma, zero credentials for public office and even more money.

During the last campaign, Scott spent about $75 million of his own dough, having made a fortune presiding over a healthcare conglomerate that perpetrated one of the largest Medicare frauds since the beginning of Medicare.

In a sane and sensible place, that’s a résumé that would kill a person’s chances for high office. But not in Florida, the eternal land of suckers.

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Ana Gomez-Mallada

So when is somebody going to demand that Charlie "the Windsock" Crist tell us all just where he stands on "Stand Your Gound"?



Rick Scott challenged Hillary and then feds raided his company.

Lorraine Nissen

Has no one heard of the billion dollar fine imposed by the state of Florida due to dishonest billing practices by his x company which he left with a golden parachute? Yet you people say he challenged Hillary and his company was raided by the Feds????????????? Good Grief turn off Faux TV and research reality. He should be looking out of bars!!!! Unbelievable!

Ana Gomez-Mallada

Charlie you would do better to have your posters concentrate on issues, not old news about things which have already been decided by administrative agencies and law.

After all, when you have flip-flopped about virtually everything like The Windsock has, you hardly want to call attention to the past.

ed jenkins

The most hated former governor should do what is best for everyone and remove himself from this race and leave the state. After the condition he left the state in he should be embarrassed to show his face in public and some policies like his absurd energy and irresponsible government hurricane insurance expansion we are still recovering from. Lets have a democrat in the line of Bob Graham or Lawton Chiles who can actually win the race.

tony smith

Ana Gomez-- Scott spent millions suing the government to block the ACA. Then, he proposed expanding Medicaid. Scott froze teacher salaries for 3 years and said he wouldn't increase them unless that was tied to student test scores. Now, he just gave them a flat across-the-board raise. Sorry - Your team cannot win the "flip-flop" argument.

tony smith

Lorraine - anyone who watches Fox AND types of faux facts online is beyond help. Might as well try euthanasia.


Voters should've been well aware of Scott's HCA dealings during the last election given how much Sink focused on it in debates and speeches. Ads on the subject also dominated the airways in 2010 so I'm not sure how the issue can make a difference in 2014.

This column is spot on. If Crist cared so much about this state then why did he leave the state instead of fixing the issues? The answer is simple; he doesn't care about "the people", the state or anything else for that matter. He always wanted to be a US Senator going back to the '98 race against Bob Graham when Crist called him a northeastern educated liberal and publicly demanded that Graham support Clinton's impeachment. 'm not foolish enough to think that Crist truly believed that, therein lies the rub…he doesn't actually believe in anything. He just wants to be loved and be relevant.

Bob Graham should run. A good man with principles who does care about this state.


Crist bailed on Florida when the going got tough. He let his ambition get the best of him. Rick Scott may have zero charisma, but he has gotten better results than Charlie Crist. If Florida voters can figure that out, Crist will lose, as he should.

ed jenkins

As the commenter Todd has said and I have many times, we need to get back to having Bob Graham types who can win the state as democrat party nominees. I will cast my democrat primary vote for Rich or any other credible candidate that comes up rather than this fraud and crook Crist. Democrats were the first to reject him in his runs for office and then Republicans and Independents rejected him last time as he got less than 30% of the vote which must be an all time low for a candidate like him.

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