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Crist to see Obama today in Miami, says "I don't think so" when asked if president lied


The Republican Party of Florida is noting former Gov. Charlie Crist's flip-floppery over Obamacare (hated it as a Republican, loves it as a Democrat) and his response to this question in a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera, who asked if the president got "caught in a lie" by saying those who like their health-insurance could keep it under the Affordable Care Act:

"I don't know. I don't think so. I know him to being an honorable and a decent man. He's actually in the Sunshine State later today. I look forward to seeing him. And I worked hard for his reelection because I believe in his heart and his grace," Crist said.

A sample of the RPOF clip job showing Crist wasn't always such a believer in Obama or Obamacare:

As Independent Candidate For Senate, Crist Bashed Obamacare, Attacked Obama For Not Working Towards Bipartisanship. "Crist, who lost much of his Republican support by appearing with Obama at a rally to push for the passage of the $787 billion stimulus, referred a couple of times to 'Obamacare' as a slight to the health care overhaul the president signed into law. 'Obamacare was off the charts, was wrong. It taxed too much, has mandates that are probably unconstitutional, and it's not the way to go. And it was rammed through,' said Crist, who has previously said both that he would support a repeal of the law and that he would seek to fix, but not repeal it, because it has some good things. And in another attempt to put a gap between himself and the president, Crist also criticized Obama for not following through on his promise of working with both parties. 'The president started out originally saying I'm going to work across the aisle 'I'm going to reach across the aisle and make sure that we get everybody involved in the solutions that matter to the people of America,' Crist said. 'It hasn't happened. It needs to happen.'" (Brendan Farrington, "Fla.'s Crist Tries To Distance Himself From Obama," The Associated Press, 10/20/2010)