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Cue the dramatic music: Charlie Crist's campaign-announcement redux

Supporters will love it; detractors will loathe it. Here's Charlie Crist's campaign announcement speech from Monday boiled down to two minutes, and stripped of all the Rick Scott bashing.


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He set a date beyond the term he is running for...

Why is that significant? Because if he gets elected, as soon as that happens, he will start thinking about another office to run for...


Everything this guy says is a bunch of crap. Why anyone would believe a word he says is beyond me. He is a proven liar who switched parties ONLY because he was about to lose a Republican primary after promising on national television a month earlier that he would never switch from the Republican Party, which he called "great". And after realizing he would get nowhere politically as an independent, he switched parties again.

If his barefaced lies aren't enough to sway voters away, his record of cronyism, corruption, disengagement, and chronic absenteeism during his time as governor should.


Good speech, but I'm still not convinced he is the best candidate for governor.

Glorious Wilson

At all of his speeches he has a fan in the podium that blows cold air on his midsection. True story. Not making this up. Chuckles can't stand the heat of a cold day!

Ed Jenkins

Now we have once again seen why Floridians so despise this scumbag who we are ashamed to have once called governor. Democrats initially were on to his scam and never voted for him. Then Republicans rejected his shady ways in 2010 and finally independents wanted nothing to do with him. It is beyond stupid for him to think he can win a democratic primary let alone a general election over a governor that people were skeptical about initially but has proven successful at turning the Crist deficit into a surplus and now giving is tax refunds.


Can the Republican Party run the ads it paid for when Charlie was a Republican, when Charlie starts running ads as a Democrat?

That sure would confuse people...

Elephants Arse

Canned Speech from an empty Suit...... I get flashbacks of Robert Redford in The Candidate Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah.........

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