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Email attacks Miami Beach commission candidate for having child out of wedlock


A mysterious email was sent to Miami Beach residents this weekend, telling them not to vote for commission candidate Michael Grieco because, among other things, he has a child out of wedlock.

"Michael Grieco brags about being a father all the time and promotes himself with flyers casting the image of him as a man of strong family values," the email said. "But did you know he had his child out of wedlock and his 'wife' is not really his wife, but merely a girlfriend he lives with?"

Grieco's opponent, incumbent Jorge Exposito, sent out an email denying any connection to the attack. The two are locked in a runoff for Commission Group II. Voting takes place Nov. 19. 

"While Mr. Grieco and I may place ourselves in the spotlight for public scruitny, there is no place for attacks on either of our families," Exposito wrote in a statement. 

Grieco said the email, from MGriecoLiar@gmail.com, was sent out in batches over the weekend.

Said Grieco: "It’s 2013. This is Miami Beach. My home structure is, first of all, nobody's business. Second of all, it's no different than a large contingent of the population. I love my family and I'm proud of my family. And to bring my son and to bring my better half into this is cowardly and it's foolish, and highly offensive." 



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ed jenkins

I have know knowledge of this race or these candidates but anyone who is irresponsible enough to have illegitimate children has no business running for office and telling their fellow citizens what to do. This guy should be ashamed and be responsible for the horrible situation he has placed the illegitimate child into.

Shirley Munoz

I plan to vote for Grieco. Obliviously the opposition can't win on issues and depend on personal attacks. Shame on them.


This is terrible. She choose to have a baby and this happens. I admire her for having the baby and not aborting it.

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"for the horrible situation he has placed the illegitimate child into."

Ed, you are a clown. The three of them live together, because they aren't married this is a 'horrible situation' and the child is 'illegitimate'? Grew up and get out of the 1940s.

Also if you haven't checked the statistics lately, about half of children in the US are born out of wedlock.

Jo Manning

Obvious to many of us who did this. How ridiculous! Whose business is this? Maybe this was an issue in the 17th century, but it sure isn't now!

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