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Former Miami-Dade commission chairman to formally challenge U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia


Joe Martinez, the former chairman of the Miami-Dade County Commission, plans to officially launch his campaign for U.S. Congress this week.

Martinez said in February that he intended to challenge U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia, a Miami Democrat whose district spans Kendall to Key West. Martinez represented Kendall for 12 years as a county commissioner. He ran unsuccessfully for Miami-Dade mayor last year against Carlos Gimenez.

"I am looking forward to officially launching this campaign to bring back the core American Values of hard work and perseverance," Martinez said in a news release Tuesday.

"My knowledge and experience of local government give me a much needed perspective that can ensure our local economy receives adequate attention for projects like the Port of Miami expansion or protecting the natural beauty of the Florida Keys."

Three other Republicans, Miami-Dade School Board member Carlos Curbelo, Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall and Jose Felix Peixoto of Key Largo, have also said they are seeking the seat. 

Martinez has scheduled his campaign launch for Thursday at a West Kendall senior center named after his mother.


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Pepa Moneda

"Martinez has scheduled his campaign launch for next Thursday at a West Kendall senior center named after his mother."

The last part of that sentence alone should disqualify him from seeking office.


Is this the cologne guy? I guess it didn't sell to well so now he is running for Congress.

Elephants Ear

Seems like the rapid response brigades for Martinez opponents are hard at work. It's expected that the Front Runner always gets attacked.


Anyone but Garcia, the guy with the friendly foreigners you were processing absentee ballot reuqests.

Hopefully not Carlos "Gambling in South Florida" Curbelo who is a lobbyist for Genting.

Maybe Martinez (former commissioner) or MacDougall (Mayor of a good sized city). Who's more honest? That's who I'll probably pick.

ed jenkins

The voters of this district are disgusted with what a corrupt individual got elected to represent them and want him to resign immediately so they will not have to wait more than one year to have legitimate representation rather than someone holding onto office for dear life to use as negotiating leverage with his prosecutors. Anyone including the subject of this article would be a great improvement over the corrupt Garcia.

Gray + robin

Curbelo is the illuminati. He is a Marco Rubio clone. He is for immigration reform.


Martinez is the right man,at the right time for the job!


Martinez sycophants in full assault, he doesn't have a chance in hell.
His ego has no limits. This guy makes curbelo look
like a Boy Scout. He'll be gone soon enough.
The big money is with curbelo.


To bad money does not win an election,hard work does. Let the Best Man win...not the Boy Scout.

Joe Jesus

Curbelo is worse than Garcia. He supports immigration reform. Where does Martinez stand?
I support Mac dougal atleast he will deport them. Curbelo is a Marco Rubio republican he is pro amnesty just ask him.


In this field, Joe Garcia stands out far above the rest in terms of his representing the the residents of the district. He sometimes votes a little too conservative for me, but he has been strictly reasonable with his votes. Besides, not too many Congressmen get appointed to the Judicial Committee in the first term. That means that South Florida has gained a lot of influence in the US Congress. That makes it important to keep Joe Garcia in office.

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