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GOP file ethics complaint against Charlie Crist

A top Republican Party of Florida strategist filed a complaint Friday with the Florida Elections Commission alleging that Charlie Crist has violated state campaign law by accepting contributions before officially becoming a candidate.

In a seven-page complaint, Tim Saler attached screen shots of Crist’s campaign logo and website, charliecrist.com. They were dated Thursday, Oct. 31. Crist didn't file to run until Friday. Crist named Sanford Horwitz, a Coral Gables CPA as his campaign treasurer. 

“It would seem impossible that the candidate logo and website were created without Mr. Crist making an expenditure (or accepting a contribution) to do so,” Saler said in the complaint. “If someone other than Mr. Crist created the candidate logo and website, something of value has been created that should be treated as a contribution to Mr. Crist’s campaign for Governor.”

Saler said Crist was in violation of Florida Statute 106.021

Serious complaint or a political stunt? 

Read it for yourself: Download Cristcomplaint


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I am ashamed of my own party. The Republicans in power are such revolting cretins they make me want to puke. In Florida not one solid Republican is running against Rick Scott. A bunch of cowards and morally deficient trolls. This in and of itself makes me want to register as an Independent.


What a ridiculous political stunt by the GOP. They've already committed to spend $25 million on attack ads against Charlie. Why? Because they're candidate has been a complete and total failure as governor. Rick Scott can't run on his own record because it is one of defunding public education, blaming firefighters, cops and teachers for our state's problems and relying on Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz and the Koch Brothers for his political agenda. Florida doesn't need a radical left or radical right governor. We need someone who will put people first. Charlie Crist is that person.

Can't take anymore

This is just the start of the $100 million plus smear campaign the Repubs and their Teabagger masters will be running against Charlie. Only someone that's been living in a cave for the last 10 years doesn't already know Charlie comes with a lot of scratches, dents and baggage BUT compared to Rick Scott he is practically a saint. At least Charlie is philosophically pragmatic and not a slave to the Teabagger cabal. He has this Democrat's vote.

William J.

I consider myself a member of the Tea Party and I think the actions by RPOF are primed for a backlash. I am not happy about them or their attitude.

They attack Peter Schorsch for being bias and yet yet it is perfectly acceptable for others (Shark Tank)to do the very thing they accuse Schorsch of doing.

They know they are in trouble and know it. My question is how can they trash a man they supported through most of his career? How can Lenny Curry look in the mirror knowing he campaigned against Scott in the primary? How can John Thrasher be considered when he practically bankrupted RPOF campaigning against Scott?

I think Scott is living in a fantasy land if he believes these people like or respect him. They like what he is giving them and what they can get out of him and nothing more. If he loses, watch them run.

I see a massive under vote in this election.

tony smith

Do you have to ask? Sorry - let's say -- he paid for it on his own.

Joe Kreps

Nan's fans are laughing all the way to the credit union.

Ed Jenkins

It appears Florida's most despised former governor is up to his old dirty tricks in violating campaign laws not even a day into his pointless campaign. The people have reject this scumbag in two political parties already and he should reconsider putting us all through the trouble of having to reject him again. Its best for everyone if he reconsiders this ill-conceived idea and withdraws to allow room for candidates that care about the citizens and not just themselves.

tony smith

Ed Jenkins - give me a break. Just because the Repugnicans file a complaint, this doesn't establish any wrongdoing.

tony smith

NOTICE PEOPLE: The screenshot that the REPUGNICAN attached to his own complaint says: PAID FOR PERSONALLY BY CHARLIE CRIST!!!!! This is STUPID!!!! And will backfire BIG TIME. Idiots. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen shot.

Never happy

It's Saturday. So just to give Charlie a day to fix it... Create a new website and alter the logo for the campaign. Problem solved.

Tony, you can't pay for something yourself fr a campaign when you haven't yet filed paperwork. It doesn't matter who pays for it. It is either a contribution, loan or expenditure of the campaign.

tony smith

Never Happy - if you think this is something serious, you're a nut.

Perhaps Charlie made the site himself. It's not that difficult. He seems artsy.

Jon Reeder

I guess it's alright for chief Republican crook Scott to use tax payers money to send campaign literature to businesses but not alright for a Democratic challenger to accept private campaign contributions a few hours early. This is just more Republican garbage and definitely a political stunt.

Ed Jenkins

When there is a despised former governor as hated as this man it is not surprised that many will make complaints like this and remind people of his crooked ways. It truly amazes Floridians that a man who could not get democrats to vote for him before then lost independents and finally was only able to get enough republicans to get 30% of the vote in his senate race would even consider putting our state through the pain of seeing him in public again.


Miami Herald folks are clueless. A complaint at the Florida Elections Commission is NOT an ethics complaint. It a charge that Crist broke the law

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