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How Sen. Bill Nelson might be better known as a country singer, sans pizzazz


Sen. Bill Nelson isn't quieting talk from supporters that the Democrat might run for governor, which carries risks for his party as well as new Democrat and current candidate Charlie Crist.

The reasons for all that are outlined in Monday's column. The Sun-Sentinel's Gary Stein adds a new issue: Nelson isn't so well-known and he's boring to some, according to this column "Does Bill Nelson have the pizzazz to run for governor?"

"Here’s something that will surely get everybody in Florida excited.

"Bill Nelson might run for the Democratic nomination for governor.

"Half of you might be saying 'Who is Bill Nelson?'

The other half are saying  “Is he the country western singer?"

Column here

***Blog note: The original post had a messed-up headline and, in trying to unmess it, I deleted the original post.


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Seth  Platt

This is the opinion of the same Sun Sentinel Editor who thinks that Miami Heat Fans Suck...
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