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In Miami damage-control stop, Kathleen Sebelius calls press "paparazzi"


With the Obamacare sign-up website still sputtering, top federal health official Kathleen Sebelius made a p.r. stop in Miami to show that things are getting better.

Here's the Shark Tank's take:

Before she addressed reporters at the North Shore Medical Center, Sebelius took time to speak to three “navigators,” who were conveniently assisting (staged) a few potential enrollees to Obamacare plan. Upon greeting the third and last navigator, Sebelius turned to two new enrollees to the plan, and apologized by saying, “didn’t mean to bring all the Paparazzi with me.”

Yes, HHS Secretary just referred to reporters from the AP, Reuters, Fox, CBS, Univision, CNN, ABC, and the Shark Tank, as Paparazzi.

FYI: The Miami Herald was there, too


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Disgusting and disgraceful. In the private sector, this pompous snob would've been fired on the spot. In O's world, she's sent on a road trip promoting this mess. It's only going to get worse, can't wait to see them all fall like dominoes..

Ana Gomez-Mallada

Again, no less than we should expect from the party of Hypocritical Intolerance.

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