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Nan Rich's fundraising woes (aka: the grassroots ain't greener than cash)


 Nathan Gonzales wrote a good column earlier this year titled, "10 Things Losing Candidates Say." Number one on the list? 1. “I’m running a grass-roots campaign.”

This translates to: “I’m not going to raise any money.” Running an effective grass-roots and get-out-the-vote operation is important for a campaign, but winning a competitive House or Senate race requires multiple millions of dollars to make your case in paid advertising." Gonzeles wrote.

That's precisely the situation facing Democratic gubernatoral candidate Nan Rich, who, when asked about her anemic money-raising, likes to say she's building a grass roots infrasture that few people see and invoke the names of former longshots Reubin Askew, Bob Graham, and Lawton Chiles.

For all practical purposes, though, respected former state Sen. Rich barely passes the threshold of viability. To date, she has raised $224,000 for her statewide campaign, less than Rick Kriseman did for his campaign for mayor of St. Petersburg. In October, Rich raised nearly $8,300 and spent nearly $8,800. She has about $62,000 on hand, and tends to draw most attention when Florida GOP Chairman Lenny Curry is touting her candidacy.

Barring an infusion of financial help for Rich from the Florida GOP, it's hard to argue that Charlie Crist faces anything close to a serious primary challenge for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.


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Joe Kreps

In a state that is known for its pay to play government, maybe a candidate that isn't owned by special interests and the 1% might be a refreshing change. Besides it takes time to add up all those $10 and $20 contributions.

Maggie Davidson

Remember when Kendrick Meek beat billionaire Jeff Greene? Remember when Marco Rubio beat Charlie Crist? Let's get rid of the negative reporting and focus on the best qualified candidate to be governor of Florida, and that would be Senator Nan Rich!

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