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Political operative at center of North Miami absentee-ballot investigation


The man at the center of South Florida’s latest absentee-ballot fraud investigation is the go-to operative when local candidates need to sway Haitian-American voters.

Nacivre Charles, better known as “Charlie,” works mostly out of North Miami and Little Haiti and is known for his passionate pitches on Creole-language radio on behalf of his politician clients and for his relentless attacks of their opponents.

On the air, he touts his accessibility, giving out his cell phone number and offering rides to the polls.

Now, the man once relegated to the background as a fervent campaign worker is at the forefront of a fraud investigation that has touched one of his close friends, North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau. Charles was her campaign treasurer when she ran for office earlier this year.

The North Miami office Charles shares with Tondreau was raided a week ago by investigators working with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. That same day, Charles was arrested for driving with a suspended license, triggering an outpouring of support on Haitian radio. It’s unclear if that arrest was related to the search.

Phone calls to Charles’ cell phone seeking comment went directly to a full mailbox. He did not respond to Miami Herald emails.

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The timing of this guy's arrest to coincide with Charlie's work with Dunn in the City of Miami is suspicious.

Is this law enforcement interfering in the political scene to promote a candidate they endorsed (in this case Keon Hardemon)?


He was arrested for driving with a suspended license? half of the residents of North Miami drive with suspended licenses or no license at all.

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