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PolitiFact gives CEO of gaming association a Mostly False

by @rkoff

Celine Dion concerts. Michelin-star restaurants. Luxurious spas. Could such amenities, instead of gambling, now be the biggest draw in high-end casinos?

That’s the claim Frank J. Fahrenkopf, the recently retired CEO of the American Gaming Association, made in an opinion piece on South Florida resort casinos and regulations that he wrote for the Miami Herald.

"The majority of people travelling to these destination resorts are not going for the primary purpose of gambling," he wrote. "They are visiting to dine at five-star restaurants, watch incredible live shows or participate in business meetings or conventions. Every year, thousands of people flock to these resorts to watch golf tournaments or tennis matches and never set foot in a casino." 

Read PolitiFact's analysis here about why Fahrenkopf gets a Mostly False for his claim that the majority of people traveling to these resorts are not going primarily for gambling.

We have fact-checked gambling opponents too: read here and here and here.


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harry Houdini

Why all the concern about expanded gambling? When the STATE SPONSORED FLORIDA LOTTERY rolls out a new game or associates with a national lottery( POWERBALL) that's an EXPANSION, plain and simple! What hypocrisy!

Give me a break!

ed jenkins

Gambling has done enough damage to our state and the most vulnerable poor and stupid citizens who find themselves in deeper financial trouble due to gambling. What needs to be discussed is ridding our state of this gambling plague by closing casinos and getting rid of the biggest scam of all the lottery which would be shut down if it were a private business paying out so little to customers.

Joe Jesus

Gaming is the devil.

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