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Q-Poll: Hillary reigns in FL, Jeb matches up best, Obama seen as more dishonest


Quinnipiac University:

Hillary Clinton sweeps a Democratic primary with 70 percent, followed by Vice President Joseph Biden at 9 percent and no other candidate above 4 percent. Ten percent are undecided.

Head to head, Clinton gets 47 percent to former FL Gov. Bush’s 45 percent. She tops other Republicans:

45 – 41 percent over NJ Gov. Chris Christie;

50 – 43 percent over Sen. Marco Rubio;

51 – 41 percent over U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky;

50 – 42 percent over U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin;

52 – 36 percent over Cruz.

Florida voters say 56 – 39 percent that Clinton would make a good president, the best score of any candidate, followed by Christie at 45 – 35 percent, with Bush at a split 46 – 44 percent.  All other candidates get negative scores, including Rubio with 39 – 47 percent. 

President Obama's job-approval rating is bottoming out, with 40 percent approving and 57 percent disapproving. Obama's all-time law was in Sept. 2011: 39-57.

Perhaps worse for the president, he's not viewed as honest by a majority of Floridians. Asked if the president is honest and trustworthy, 44 percent said yes and 51 percent said no.

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What should scare the bejesus out of the democrats is the 31 percent who believe Obamacare will not impact their healthcare...

As those people realize that it will, they will have an opinion... and it most likely will not be a good one.

Democrats lose control of the Senate next year.

ed jenkins

Have we now fallen to the point in democrat primaries where a former first lady is the candidate that has to be surveyed. Surely the party that has produced some great southern governors like Bob Graham and Lawton Chiles could find another of that sort to help win this state. I could not imagine the Republican's turning to Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush as their candidate.


Hey Ed,

What about Elizabeth Dole?

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