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Q-poll shows how President Obama, seen as untrustworthy, hurts Democrats in FL


Florida voters are souring on President Obama and his signature healthcare law — and it’s hurting Democrats in the state, a new poll indicates.

The president’s job-approval numbers are near an all-time low — 40 percent approve, 57 percent don’t — and a majority of Florida voters now view him as being untrustworthy, the Quinnipiac University poll released Friday showed.

Obama’s waning support is probably weighing down Democrats from Charlie Crist to Hillary Clinton, who are now seeing stiffer competition from Republicans, said Quinnipiac pollster Peter A. Brown.

“Politics is a team sport,” Brown said. “Obama’s the blue team captain and he’s not doing well. So it’s no surprise the president’s teammates are not doing well, either.”

For the first time since Gov. Rick Scott took office as an unpopular newcomer in 2011, the Republican’s job-approval percentage — 42 — is marginally better than Obama’s.

Brown notes that, 11 months before the mid-term elections, the poll numbers are a snapshot that don’t clearly indicate the ultimate winner.

Still, since Quinnipiac’s June Florida poll, there has been a notable overall tilt toward Republicans, fueled in good measure by independents — the crucial swing voters who often decide elections in the divided state:

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ed jenkins

As we have seen Floridians realized soon after the election and realize even more now that they were temporarily distracted by a hurricane and its aftermath and forgot how much they despised the president long enough for him to become the only president in history re-elected with a lower percentage of the vote that in his first election. Now they are disgusted even more by someone who has the values of African dictators he grew up under rather than someone with American values. They also realize while Rick Scott was a political novice he has won them over with his turnaround of the rotten situation the scumbag Crist left him to the point where we citizens can look forward to a decent size refund on our taxes.


Obama is a liar. Nothing more needs to be said.


A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

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