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Rehabbing Rep. Trey Radel to Naples Daily: people are 'harassing me.'


A day after top state and county Republicans called on him to "resign immediately," U.S. Rep. Trey Radel appeared to be relaxing at his posh rehab as he smoked a cigarette in the Naples sunshine.

Then the Naples Daily News showed up. Here's their report:

"I'm here talking to my buddy," he said. "I feel great. I am here focused on my family and my health."

"It really is upsetting," he continued, "As I sit here and work on focusing on my family and health with people coming and harassing me."

When pressed for details, Radel clammed up.

"I'll just leave it at that," he said.

Full report here

So to recap: Radel, a former TV anchor and radio personality, appears to tell work reporters that they're "harassing" him because they want their congressman to answer questions after his conviction for cocaine possession. He should know better. This is a nationwide story and the subject of late-night TV jokes.

Plus, congressman, the reporters are actually working. You're not. Unlike members of the House of Representatives, who scheduled 126 work days this year, reporting is 24/7.

As long as your a nationwide story, reporters will cover you.


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ed jenkins

The readers of this hometown paper are tired of no new information being produced by these reporters on subjects that interest them while these reporters continue to print stories of politicians from distant places that have no relevance. We readers have had to put up with possibly 10 stories now in a few days on some politician that we cannot vote for and has no effect on us. If there are no stories of relevance than there are too many reporters being employed by this hometown paper.


**[As long as you're]** **[scheduled 126 legislative days, district work weeks the rest of the time... still working]**

Can't take anymore

Looks like Trey's friend Ed would still be supporting him if he had beaten his aged granny with a 2X4 board. The Tea Baggers have no shame and have been thoroughly inoculated against any sense of hypocrisy.


There should be reporters there every day. He didn't take his job as "our" representive seriously; why think he would rehab? The Tea Party is all about making excuses for Trey. I wonder why? Did they not vet this druggie/drunk before backing him?

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