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Rick Scott down to Charlie Crist by 7 in Q poll, but gap narrowing as Crist favorables fall


From Quinnipiac:

"Florida Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican, enters his reelection year trailing former Gov. Charlie Crist, the Republican-turned independent-turned Democrat, 47 – 40 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

"This compares to a 47 – 37 percent Crist lead in a June 18 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University, and a 50 – 34 percent Crist lead in March.

"Gov. Scott gets a negative 42 – 47 percent job approval rating, compared to a 43 – 44 percent score June 18, Scott’s best score ever.  Voters approve 53 – 36 percent of the job Crist did as governor.

"Scott tops Democrat Nan Rich 43 – 35 percent.  In a Democratic primary, Crist tops Rich 60 – 12 percent.

Here's something Quinnipiac didn't note: the biggest shift in the data since its last poll in June: Charlie Crist’s image is taking a beating. In the June poll, Crist was had a favorable-unfavorable rating of 48/31 percent, an index of +17. Today's poll: 41/39. That's only a +2.  

Put another way, it's a net loss of 15 points in five months.

The big loss was among independents, regarded as Crist's strength. In June, Crist 's fav/unfav was 49/30, an index +19 among independents. Now he's 38/41, or –3. That's a big 22-point shift in 5 months.
Some of this is the work of Scott's team. They already began advertising against Crist as soon as he jumped in the race. And it's one of the reasons that Sen. Bill Nelson and his backers won't firmly slam the door on the idea of him getting in the race.
That said, a 7-point lead against an incumbent is still good.
And Scott still isn't well-liked. Unlike Crist, people are more likely to hold an unfavorable impression of the governor, with his fav/unfav sitting at 39/42 percent. That's an index of -3.
As for how Scott is handling his job, the governor's numbers are also nothing worthy to brag about; 42 percent approve; 47 percent disapprove. That's an index of -5. It was -1 in June (an all-time high at 43/44 percent).
But elections aren't always about making sure you're the most-loved. They can be about making the other guy more-hated.
The latter is Rick Scott's strategy. And it might be working.


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Every day it becomes more evident that we need Bill Nelson to run for Governor. Charlie Crist is paper thin and Rick Scott will destroy what people think about the guy. Bill Nelson however is a beloved figure my all democrats, most independents and a good chunk of Republicans. Now is the time to urge Bill Nelson to run for Governor. Lets give Rick Scott a pink slip


Instant analysis: Key takeaways from today’s Quinnipiac poll.


ed jenkins

Of course Floridians are now remembering what a disaster was left by the scumbag crist when he left office and his lack of concern for his constituents and only caring about himself. They are also realizing that while they were initially skeptical of the political novice Scott, he has greatly improved the state and now they appear to be getting a nice refund from the budget surplus he has contributed to. Of course this democrat primary voter would prefer a true democrat like Nelson get in the race and some Floridians would probably not even care about the signs of dementia he has shown and his confusion in recent years. It would be a tough choice for this voter between Nelson and Scott.

Jack Mehoffer

well said Ed - how anyone could pay attention to that greaseball queer is beyond me.

What a great job Scott has done.


What has $cott actually accomplished as Governor besides:
- give sweetheart deals to his big campaign contributors.
-give away reserves of Citizens Insurance to undercapitalized start-up insurance companies that make political contributions to the GOP.
-block the state insurance commissioner from regulating and approving insurance premium increases for 3 years, giving insurance companies carte blanche to charge whatever they want.
-pursue his ultra right wing ideological agenda that resulted in very little yield.
-made lots of money for Florida trial lawyers that fought and had most of his ideological agenda tossed out by the courts.
-Florida is benefitting from the general economic upswing in the national and global economy and $cott just happens to be governor during this period. Bernanke has done more for Florida's economy than $cott.



If Scott is just here for the upswing then how to you account for Florida have an unemployment rate well above the national average when he took office to now being below?

Florida has dramatically outperformed the rest of the country in the recovery. Why do you think that is? Does Scott get any credit?

Indie Thinker

No, he gets no credit -- for anything except poaching jobs from other states, many of which come already occupied. Economists predicted FL would get 1 million jobs back by 2017 regardless of who was in office, which is why Scott baited and switched to a promise to bring 1.7 million jobs, not 700K, a promise he has now forgotten. As for the rate itself, it is substantially due to frustrated people leaving the workforce, a fact Scott dodges every time he is asked about it.

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