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Rick Scott: Florida is top travel destination. Truth-O-Meter: Mais non!

by @amysherman1

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is our salesman-in-chief when it comes to recruiting tourists. His office blasted a press release chock full of statistics about tourism in Florida that made us nod off like a lazy tourist on the beach -- until we came across this phrase:

"As we move toward our third consecutive year of record tourism growth, it is clear why the Sunshine State remains the top travel destination across the world," stated the Nov. 15 press release.

The "top travel destination across the world"? Is the home state of Mickey Mouse kicking the derriere of tourist hot spots like France? We went on a virtual trip to find out. Read the full report from PolitiFact.


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Rick Scott is a liar first and a crook second. I don't believe one word coming out of his administration. Why would I? He pled the 5th 75 times when questioned regarding his Medicare fraud. That says everything anyone needs to know about the man.

ed jenkins

As we have seen Floridians including this democrat primary voter were initially skeptical of this political novice and his ability to overcome the many problems he was left with by his Republican predecessor. However the citizens have been won over with his terrific fiscal management of the state allowing for the consideration of a massive refund to all taxpayers. This article of him selling his state to the world as a top vacation destination is just another example of how his marketing of our state has gotten in going from the rotten state that he found it in from the previous scumbag.

Can't take anymore

Ed, I'm betting you will be pushing hard for the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in Florida. Your posts on this site are clearly a reflection of your love of the weed and its influence on your judgment.

Seth  Platt

I wonder what a tourist might like most about Florida that Republicans can take credit for?

The lack of high speed rail to transport tourists across the State?

Knowing those working in the hospitality industry do not get paid a fair or living wage, affordable healthcare or allowed paid sick days?

Knowing that environmental protections have been weakened and that many of Florida's waters are endangered from pollution or toxic algae?

That they will most likely pay a toll for every other State Road they travel in the State?

That any nut can shoot at them and claim they are standing their ground?

Knowing that panhandler that is bugging them can't get government assistance due to drug testing for welfare recipients?

Knowing that since Florida has almost no State tax revenue the burden of government will be placed upon the tourist in the form of sales and hospitality taxes?

Knowing that business and industry hold sway over all consumer protections?

Governor Scott and Republicans makes Florida a worse place for tourists to travel, not better.

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