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Rick Scott uses Dem criticisms in first TV ad attacking "opportunist" Charlie Crist


Just as Charlie Crist made his official announcement for governor, Gov. Rick Scott's "Let's Get to Work" political committee is up with its first paid attack ad of the 2014 election season that uses the words of Democrats to bash the newly minted candidate.

The ad buy is small, about $525,000, but the significance is large: It's 365 days until the November elections, and Scott is doing what we all said he would: Carpetbombing Crist.

Scott's unwitting/incidental allies: Florida Democrats Alex Sink, Karen Thurman, Bob Buckhorn and Kendrick Meek as well as former Vice President Al Gore. None of whom had much good to say about Crist when he was a Republican.

Expect Meek, still licking his wounds over Crist's decision to run as an independent in the 2010 Senate race, to exact a measure of revenge.

Crist still needs to get past Democrat Nan Rich, and Meek is expected by many to endorse her. Scott's team might also give Rich a boost to make her competitive.

Scott is expected to have $100 million to spend. How much can Crist raise? It's an open question. But allegedly President Obama's backers will help Crist, who helped the president, stay competitive.


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Indioe Thinker

Now that's just funny. Quoting Sink, Meek, Buckhorn, and Gore against Crist?

And how many not-nice things have those four people (especially Sink) said about Rick Scott? Should we believe what they said about Rick Scott, too?

Ads like this demonstrate that Scott can't run on substance. His record on jobs, for example, is an artwork of deceit, as he fails to admit that e.g., the lower unemployment rate is due mostly to people leaving the workforce because they can't find a job; and that the 300K jobs he takes credit for creating were already predicted to have been going to show up in the normal course of economic recovery.

And even now, his own ads show his lack of good sense, as it never occurred to him (or his handlers) that quoting Crist's former opponents reflects badly on Scott himself!

Crist's campaign should make an ad quoting Sink, et al on Rick Scott as a reply.


Scott was kind of an opportunist when he stole all that Medicare Money.


Also of the 300k jobs about 250k of them are $8 hr dead end ones and the worker qualifies for food stamps.

Ed Jenkins

It is amazing that the most hated former governor Crist would subject the state to another round of his campaign shenanigans after he was rejected first by Republicans and then Independents in 2010, this was after not being able to get democrat votes in his previous runs for office. We would all be better off with a legitimate democrat candidate rather than this clown who already appears headed for another embarrassing campaign implosion.

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