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State pushes back on jobs incentives site, says it has another year to comply

Department of Economic Opportunity Secretary Jesse Panuccio pushed back in a letter to two Democratic legislators Thursday, saying that their allegations that the state's job incentives portal is incomplete was wrong.

The law "gives DEO a full year to compile information on completed projects,'' Panuccio said in a letter to state Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood and Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez, D-Miami. "I am pleased to report we are ahead of schedule."

Sobel and Rodriguez held a press conference this morning to complain that the agency is not complying with a state law that requires the agency to provide the public with detailed information about the extent to which taxpayers' money is being used to provide jobs incentives to businesses. They accused the agency of producing a web site that is difficult to use, incomplete and lacks transparency.

Panuccio said that agency is reporting all that they're required to report. As for the complaint that the web site does not allow users to search for data in a meaningful way, he said: "Respectfully, the portal does exactly what the statute requires." 

Judge for yourself. The portal is not easy to find, so here's the web page. Go to the very bottom and look at the small print, which reads: Search the portal. Next, give us your feedback.

Here's Panuccio's letter:  Download 11.21.2013 DEO Response



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Carl Mathers

Site works fine, I've used it extensively. Jose Javier Rodriguez is just looking for some spotlight and has dragged a senile Sobel into it, poor lady. Shame on you Rep. Rodriguez, tying up taxpayer dollars and time for this political grandstanding.

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