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The fate of the Stand Your Ground repeal proposal

All eyes will be on the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee this afternoon as it takes up a pair of bills related to the controversial Stand You Ground law.

The first, HB 4009, is a repealer bill sponsored by Rep. Alan Williams, D-Tallahassee.

The proposal has five co-sponsors, all of whom are Democrats: Reps. Cynthia Stafford, Mia Jones, Mark Pafford, Hazelle Rogers and Clovis Watson. But House Minority Leader Perry Thurston has indicated that he doesn't support the bill. At a Wednedsay press conference, Thurston said he would prefer a bipartisan proposal to reform the self-defense law along the lines of SB 130.

Without the support of House Democrats, Williams's bill has even less of a shot at moving through the Republican-dominated Legislature.

Will Williams pull the proposal? Will it die in committee?  

Either way, it looks good for Criminal Justice Subcommittee Chair Matt Gaetz. Gaetz, who famously said he would not support changing "one damn comma" of the law, wins points for not dismissing the proposal outright. 


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Stevie Wonder promised no Florida performances until SYG is repealed. Please defeat repeal!

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