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American Bridge savages Rick Scott appointees' scandals and controversies


Amid the outfall over chief of staff Adam Hollingsworth's admission he lied about his degree years ago, Gov. Rick Scott is again the target of a video montage made by American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal group that has an extensive media-tracker network.

This video -- a greatest-hits list of resignations, controversies and scandals that have nagged at Scott -- juxtaposes how the governor stands by appointees and insists they've done a "great job," only to see them resign.

One point Scott defenders will be quick to note: An independent panel in Indiana cleared former Education Commissioner Tony Bennett of wrongdoing in a school-grading controversy (more here). Separately, in Indiana, Bennett faces an ethics complaint for allegedly using government workers for campaign purposes.


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Johnny Lugnuts

Your turn, Senor Hollingsworth. Walk the plank. You're the worst of the bunch. None of the others admitted to lying.

John A.

I understand when he goes out for dinner the manager stops by to check on his party. Scott tells manager waitress did a great job and she immediately resigned.

ed jenkins

The readers appreciate that their hometown paper would in this case point out that some group who opposes our highly approved of governor. While the readers find are surprised that anyone can object to the highly competent job and impressive fiscal stewardship of this initially doubted but now beloved governor we do not appreciate further attention given to this corrupt group by displaying the video and linking information in the paper.


Spot on, Rick Scott and his cronies have done a great number on Florida and it's people...Take Will Weatherford with you Scott as you get voted out!


Scott has one of the LOWEST approval ratings of any Governor so I am not sure what people are saying when they say he is " our highly approved of Governor". What a joke! Scott is a criminal and his record stands on it's own as one of failure!

Belinda Mendoza

Adam Hollingsworth is another in a long line of appointees who did a “great job” for Governor Scott so who is really surprised? However, as we approach our next gubernatorial election in November 2014, Hollingsworth could provide enough negative reaction to provide a way open for Charlie Crist to worm his way back into the governor’s mansion. Scott should fire Hollingsworth now.

James Williams

It takes a crook to hire a bunch of other crooks, and our governor is just the crook for the job!


Defrauding Veterans, "Jennifer Carroll is doing a great job" says Governor Rick Scott.


You elect a man whose only claim to fame is fraud, and you get (wait for it...) FRAUD!


Pretty sure Ed Jenkins is being satyrical… at least I really hope he is, but then again he could be one of those people that really believe he is doing anything good. As far as how he was elected, very few people in FL even voted in that election. The reason he won is he got all the cotton-balls to vote for him by trotting out his mother on his campaign ads to tell them "He's a good son" in re his HUGE fraud. Also in FL we have plenty of folks who only vote R… And i have a sneaking suspicion it was the same people that made FL ban "truck-nuts".

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