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Battle between Pinellas elex chief and governor, Part 2


Pinellas County’s chief elections official firmly put Gov. Rick Scott on notice Monday: She will refuse his administration’s order and will continue to urge voters to drop off their absentee ballots at satellite locations.

Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark said her 6-year-old system of drop-off sites is “in full compliance with the law” and the state has known about them because they are included in plans she sends to the state to get federal voter education money.

“I plan to continue using them, including in the impending special primary election,” Clark told Secretary of State Ken Detzner, Scott’s chief elections adviser.

Detzner last week issued a surprise directive in which he ordered elections officials not to “solicit return” of absentee ballots at locations other than an elections office or branch, because it’s not allowed by law. He said he acted after questions from supervisors Brian Corley in Pasco County and Chris Chambless in Clay County.

In Clark’s response, she voiced disappointment that Detzner never sought the opinions of the 67 county supervisors of election before he issued his Nov. 25 directive.

Clark said her drop-off sites are staffed by her deputies, who by law have the same power as a supervisor and who keep watch over locked ballot boxes with numbered seals. The boxes are transported nightly to her headquarters to be canvassed, she said.

“I am confident that the drop-off locations maintained throughout Pinellas County are secure,” Clark wrote.

The state had no immediate response to Clark’s letter. Story here.


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How is this part 2?

ed jenkins

State employees that do not follow the orders of their superiors need to be removed just like anywhere else. The citizens believe there is no place for this lawlessness in our law respecting state.

Can't take anymore

Constitutional officers elected to their jobs are not career service state employees that have to obey the Governor's whims. The lawlessness begins in the Capitol Complex, where Scott, Pam Bondi and their GOP cronies in the legislature ride roughshod over the state and US Constitutions.

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