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Bill Nelson refutes Bill Nelson over new run-for-governor talk: "disregard it."


If Sen. Bill Nelson hadn't repeatedly said that he really didn't want to run for governor, then maybe it would have been more believable that he really planned to campaign for the post.

And if all of the risks and problems associated with Nelson running for governor didn't exist (as detailed here), then maybe it would have been more believable that he planned to run for the post.

But Nelson clearly kept the door open a crack. Some advocates tried to blow the door of the hinges. And then Nelson did himself no favors by helping fuel the rumors when he told Politico he would basically hop in the race if Charlie Crist got in trouble.

Now Nelson is basically saying what he always said: never mind.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Asked about the gets-into-trouble remark on Tuesday, Nelson said he had just had a procedure done on his left knee, was on crutches and was trying to get on an escalator when a reporter approached him with a question about the governor's race and stuck an audio recorder or smart phone "in my face."

"I made some flip remark," he said. Asked what people should make of it, Nelson said, "you should disregard it."

When asked during an earlier news conference whether he's running for governor, Nelson said, "I have no plans to run for governor. I have no intention of running for governor. I have my hands full as senator."


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ed jenkins

If he is the only option then he must run to save the democrat primary voters from a candidate who they know will ultimately see his campaign implode after a few outrageous publicity stunts. Everyone saw the disaster that was Crist after he turned off Republicans and Independents while Democrats were smart and never voted for him ending up with an embarrassing 305 of the vote in his last election. Someone like Nelson is a respectable man who any Floridian could vote for even with his early signs of dementia.

Joe Kreps

Nan Rich for Governor

ed jenkins

Mr. Kreps appears to be a wise democrat primary voter like myself and knows that the Crist scumbag cannot be trusted so for now Nan (although Nancy is preferable) it is.

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