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By one vote, Miami-Dade commissioners fail to override mayor's veto on union workers' pay


Most Miami-Dade County workers may have thought two weeks ago that the odds were good they would soon be taking more money home in their paychecks.

It took a single person to change that Tuesday.

The County Commission came one vote shy of overturning Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s decision to veto restoring union workers’ pay.

As a result, most county and Jackson Health System employees will continue to contribute 5 percent of their base pay toward group healthcare costs for now, instead of getting that money back as of Jan. 1.

But the impasse with labor unions is not over yet.

Gimenez’s administration must go back to brainstorming how to resolve the contract dispute with 11 bargaining units. Commissioners urged the mayor to find a way to give workers at least some relief, perhaps by shrinking the size of the healthcare contribution.

“Something’s gotta give,” Commissioner Dennis Moss said. “We can’t continue to go through this process.”

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ed jenkins

The citizens greatly appreciate their new most favorite politician in Dade county Mr. Gimenez who has taken this great display of concern for the taxpayers and their hard earned money.

C lavender

What is lost in the argument is that the 5%i is actually a pay cut, Mr Gimenez likes to frame the argument in a way that benefits his stance. Mr Gimenez you are not increasing the salaries of hard working employees, most of whom live in Miami Dade pay taxes, and would also be affected by any increase of taxes, by eliminating the contribution you are merely giving the employees back their own monies that was taken away.

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