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Cat fight! Consultant David Custin and lawyer JC Planas have bitter falling out


Picture 9Political consultant David Custin and lawyer J.C. Planas, who most recently worked together on the election campaign of Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine, have mysteriously parted -- and not in a friendly way.

Custin apparently shot first, according to CNN Latino and then Political Cortadito, by emailing his clients a long note Dec. 9 trashing Planas, a former state representative. Planas fired back. Neither will talk about it any more. One elected official who has Custin as a client and is friends with Planas called the falling out "high school drama... stupid."

A snippet of Custin's email (enclosed as JPEG at top): his unprofessional and improper conduct reached a level and pierced a boundary that makes it impossible for my firm to work on a political campaign with him on board.  I’m referring to J.C. Planas. This year his conduct included an improper and abusive attempt to invoke attorney-client privilege in a manner that simply makes it impossible for me to professionally trust him in the future again.  In addition, there were far too many instances where he attempted to manipulate or steer political decisions in a manner that were more beneficial to his personal/business interests rather than that for a standing candidate already retained or political team/alliance decision. 

Planas' response to the media: “I do not know how this private email was disseminated to the public, but it is unfortunate. While the accusations against my character are untrue, this is a private matter that involves a friend of more than 20 years. More important, however, it involves my work with my clients. The relationship between a client and an attorney is sacred to the point that I will not violate it at any point, even to defend myself from this sort of slander. My record of hard work and legal success for my clients is well known in this community, especially after this election cycle. As an election attorney, I represent candidates and not political consultants. Any attorney that compromises his duties in this regard simply to maintain a relationship with a consultant who may be a source of future business, is doing the client is a disservice. I will continue to offer comprehensive legal representation to all of my clients regardless of who their consultant is and my duty of loyalty will always remain with my clients, for whom I will continue to work tirelessly in the most legal and ethical manner.”