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Charlie Crist: I raised c. $3m in 3+ weeks


Sure, his campaign manager mysteriously quit before he started.

But the money sure has flowed to Charlie Crist. His campaign and political committee are reporting raising $2.96 million in less than a month. The bulk of the money is by way of unlimited sums contributed to his committee. Yet there's likely fair chunk of harder-to-raise $3,000-per-giver capped donations given to his campaign committee as well.

When's the last time a non-incumbent Democrat raised this much in so short a time?

A few are still talking the Crist's-in-trouble-had-a-bad-rollout story. Huh. Money talks. So that talk should walk (unless more trouble surfaces).

Money is shouting at Gov. Rick Scott, meanwhile. Scott raised about $5.8 million in about a month for his political committee. The governor has the bullypulpit and veto pen. That counts for a lot, which Crist understood as governor when he milked all the special interests in Tallahassee.

From a press release:

Rick Scott says he will have more money than any politician in the history of Florida politics. But he doesn’t have the people.

Every public and private poll says that the people of Florida want to be back in charge.

And today, I’m humbled to announce that between Charlie Crist for Florida and our campaign, we raised about 3 million dollars in just over three weeks.  More than 3,500 of you contributed directly to our campaign. You are incredible. Thank you.

While Rick Scott shakes down a few gigantic special interests, I will continue to be inspired by you, the people.

I work for you. Always have, Always will.

God bless you,



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ed jenkins

The people of Florida are tired of this scumbag embarrassing our state and that is why they rejected him as a Republican and Independent. Democrats never voted for him in the first place yet he intends to try to steal the democrat party nomination from better candidates thus ruining another chance to take back the governors mansion to the disappointment of this democrat primary voter.


Are you referring to Rick Scott? Because the numbers do favor Charlie Crist. Not a big fan of either but Rick Scott is an absolute abomination.

tony smith

Ed Jenkins is Gov. Scott. He is a stuck record of Scottchery.

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