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Charlie Crist: "Thank you, Senator Rubio, for your endorsement of" Obamacare


Charlie Crist loves the fact that his old opponent, Sen. Marco Rubio, is enrolled in Obamacare (Update: Rubio responds in this separate post). The Crist email:

Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Obamacare for his own family should end the rhetoric coming from Governor Rick Scott and other tea party groups.

As many news outlets reported recently, in addition to enrolling his family through the new exchange, Rubio is also receiving federal subsidies – this is good news for his family.

The rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act has clearly been flawed, but that doesn’t mean that our work towards affordable health care should end. It should continue. We should always strive to ensure that the people have access to affordable care.

I also hope Rubio’s endorsement of the new health care exchanges for his own family will spur Governor Rick Scott to have courage when it comes to Florida’s uninsured. Scott has seemingly flip-flopped from his own endorsement of extending health care coverage to low-income, uninsured, working Floridians. That doesn’t just hurt the health of Floridians; it hurts our entire economy and jobs. It denies $51 billion worth of investment in the people of Florida. This is likely merely to avoid political attacks from the irrational and extreme tea party wing of the Republican Party.

As Governor, I always worked to be the People’s Governor. That means not pandering to the extreme right or extreme left, but just doing what’s right. It seems like that’s the standard Marco Rubio takes with his own family. It’s unfortunate that he and Rick Scott don’t think as highly of the people they are supposed to be serving.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. Instead of ignoring this reality, Governor Rick Scott should be trying to figure out how to make the law best work for the people. Instead, he’s directing the Republican Party to use the issue to scare people who are excited about affordable healthcare, like Marco Rubio and his family.

Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee should stop the political knife fight and figure out what’s actually best for the people. That’s what Marco Rubio did for his own family. That’s what Rick Scott should do for the people of Florida.

Thank you, Senator Rubio, for your endorsement of the new health care law.


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Sen. Rubio needs "help" paying for his insurance? Do tell, do tell... Hmmmm? Is this something that needs looked into? Why and how could a "highly" paid government worker need this assistance? Did he have to pass a drug test?


Charlie: it's required by law.

ed jenkins

The messages of this incredibly stupid and despised former governor should not be printed verbatim in a hometown paper as they continue to be or lese that hometown paper will be regarded by its readers as a propaganda magazine for the scumbag Crist.

As everyone except the scumbag Crist apparently knows a horrible law was enacted forcing individuals who previously were free to do business with companies of their choice for insuring against future medical expenses were forced to go through government constructed channels which appears to be what this Rubio is doing. Please find us a democrat primary candidate that can win general elections and not make a fool of themselves constantly as the scumbag Crist does leading to a campaign implosion and inevitable loss.

tony smith

Dumb dumb Ed - before this, Rubio was with a GOVERNMENT plan. You're a nut.

Joshua Black

What a joke. Every single American is REQUIRED to sign up for something that the Obama administration approves. It is a cruel joke against the middle class that rich people like Marco Rubio are allowed to use our hard-earned money to subsidize the burden that wealthy members of Congress pretended to place on themselves. The fact that Charlie Crist celebrates Rubio's participation in this criminal wealth-transfer proves that Charlie Crist does not belong in any public office. He belongs in a prison cell.


Give em hell Charlie!


How any thinking human being could vote for Charlie Crist is beyond me.

The man is only interested in what is good for himself. His marriage is a farce and his switching from Republican, to Independent, and now to Democrat is so transparent. He is an overly-suntanned eejit.

ed jenkins

As more readers such as John comment, it should be clear that the citizens of Florida and democrat primary voters such as myself are disgusted that the scumbag crist is attempting to make a fool of himself and us in another political race. Please remove the buffoon crist so that we may have real candidates.

Bleeding Gums

Charlie Crist


Rick Scott

Is like choosing if you want to get it up the butt with the 10 inch long dildo or the 10 inch wide dildo.

John C

I wonder how all of this would have worked out if Alex Sink would have been rightfully elected. Instead YOU ALL voted in a thief and a person who had to repay MILLIONS to the state for that theft. If you feel Christ is not worthy, then who do you have in mind!?

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