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Charlie Crist's much-heralded campaign chief leaves before he officially starts


The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Charlie Crist's much-heralded campaign manager, Bill Hyers, has already left the new Democrat's campaign for governor. Hyers was fresh off helping Bill de Blasio win the New York City mayor's race.

Folks in Crist World were initially mum, but noted that Hyers never really started as the campaign manager. Therefore, he wasn't fired.

“It’s early. Our campaign structure is still coming together. Bill wanted to stay in New York because it was good for him,” Crist said in a brief email, discounting chatter among Democrats that Hyers’ departure related to differences with the candidate’s wife, Carole Crist.

But last month, at a fundraiser at The Forge in Miami Beach, Crist left little doubt about Hyers' post, introducting him as "my campaign manager."

Hyers, who was still in the process of getting a rental in St. Petersburg, gave all the standard lines about how he liked Crist, his record and believed he was a good Democrat. Hyers explained that he saw himself as the campaign's engineer who would keep the trains running on time, rather than the political mastermind. He said most problems in a campaign were due to "execution" and how there's a Murphy's Law quality to it all: "If something can go wrong, it will."

Well, something seems to have gone wrong. Already. And Hyers is gone.

"Charlie Crist’s campaign seems to be headed in the same direction he took Florida as governor – down and out,” the Republican Governors Association said in a press release.


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Ooooops. Turns out Shucking Chuckles ain't the good Democrat that Hyers thought he was. LOL!


What I wrote yesterday: “Was November a ‘lost month’ for Charlie Crist.


ed jenkins

As we have seen the citizens are disgusted that this hated former governor is trying to take the place of an honest and noble democrat and they know they cannot trust this scumbag at all to advance the goals of the democrat party after seeing him turn on the Republican and Independent parties and him implode in the last election to a 30% vote total. This man is just the first to flee a sinking ship and the hope for this democrat primary voter is that a real Democrat like Nelson whose handler see the Crist disaster coming and throw his name out as a much better option even with his demonstrated early signs of dementia.

Joe Kreps


ed jenkins

Mr. Kreps appears to have a better alternative to the scumbag Crist and that is who this voter will be stuck with for now. However a nickname change would be appreciated since nan sounds a little too much like someone who will be a nanny. She would be better served just to use Nancy and probably do a few other things to improve her appearance to a younger look.

Tallahassee Gurl

Rumor has it that Charlie Crist's old time aid Pablo Diaz will take the campaign manager job.


Maybe Carlos Curbelo could get the job now!


Good move by Charlie. Working on a Bill de Blasio campaign is nothing like a gubernatorial campaign in a swing state like Florida. Charlie is smart enough to know that if he wants to win indies and conservative democrats, he can't have Communists around him.

He needs pragmatic Democrats. Not flame throwers who think the world looks like an inner city burrough in NYC.

Richard Paul Dembinksy

If Charlie Crist does NOT get campaigning in Volusia County before February 1, 2014, the slow start could result in Charlie Crist being a few votes short on November 4, 2014.

NO one is excited by the Morgan supplying Charlie Crist with the Pot campaign; this topic while important to a few may be just enough to damage any effort Charlie Crist thinks he has.

Charlie Crist does NOT need an out of State campaign manager but if Charlie Crist during January does not start showing up in Volusia County I am convinced that Charlie Crist will NOT be the next Governor and furthermore, a weak Charlie Crist will damage any democrat attempting to run against Honorable Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer.

This William Rankin better soon start working to be a candidate or he better suggest someone else be the democratic party candidate.

Oh, while the democratic party I Florida is almost dead, I would suggest that those supporting William Rankin better open up to someone else also being on the democratic ballot; but continue this closed democratic party and by February 1, 2014 I will be deciding to work to see NO democrat wins in Volusia County. What is unfair surely is how the Chairwoman and apparently those in South Florida quickly pick a CFO democratic candidate without giving other democrats an equal chance to be considered by all the democratic voters.

Keep it UP Charlie Crist and those in South Florida and soon Rick Scott will be a Bright Spot on the Ballot.

Independent Richard

Richard Paul Dembinksy

I realize NOW that people in South Florida may get upset by me saying Merry Christmas; surely even Nan Rich understands Florida citizens are all enjoying this day no matter what their religion is currently.

This posting is to address good comments by others above about the chances that Nan Rich (I believe that is her full name}; unfortunately for Nan Rich politically active person like me never hear of Nan Rich and then when I did internet search find all these beat up all Republicans.

As a democrat with the independent before democrat I am being absolutely honest; Nan Rich will not get any voters I know in Volusia County. See we have neighbors that are Good Republicans and for the most part we are stuck with Republicans like Dorothy Hukill and Dave Hood representing us. My neighbors love these Honorable Republicans, so Nan Rich would have an extremely difficult time bring Republicans that hate Rick Scott to vote for Nan Rich.

So what do we do...suggest that before February 1, 2014, Nan Rich accept the reality and give up attempting to eliminate the only hope I see for the democrats Charlie Crist. I am not saying that Charlie Crist can put a win in the box for democrats especially if he is being pulled by Mr. Morgan to say too much about POT.

Volusia county is democratic only when the conservative republican (like Rick Scott) slip.

It is now time for Nan Rich (PLEASE) give others a push and get working for Charlie Crist or another candidate that is more democratic.

I need Nan Rich to support an independent thinking democrat that would support her if factors would justify a jump from Charlie Crist. See Charlie Crist has the women vote (my wife an independent) should another democrat be running against Honorable Rick Scott I am certain that democrat would not get as many independent voters to consider them.

So what can a stupid person like me do; I will say this again; February 1, 2014 is the deadline I have selected. If the democratic party does not open up to other candidates for CFO well, guess what democratic party committee persons Richard Paul Dembinsky will be working against ALL democratic candidates in Volusia.

Simple either the big tent allows others to be considered (oh, Nan Rich okay run but I just want YOU to know I was the last person in Volusia County to speak face to face with Janet Reno. I new the results would not be good for Janet Reno, so Nan Rich do you want to be another Frisbee in my whocareshalloffame.com collection or your campaign stuff next to my purchased Janet Reno tee shirts printed by Janet Reno's sister in front of my face?

Please Nan Rich, with NO disrespect, time is NOW (before February 1, 2014) for YOU to exit the gubernatorial race. Crist/Rich maybe but a more independent Lt. Governer candidate like ...say...Crist/Dembinsky would help win Volusia County Republicans who are NOT crazy about Honorable Rick Scott.

We need Rich Democrats to either step up for a run for Chief Financial Officer; or tell the party any last minute additions to those running will not be looked at as helpful. In fact democrats need a real CFO candidate NO later than February 1, 2014.

I will have to run for CFO as independent unless the democrats realize for the past 10 years I have tried to help the democrats by whatever I was doing....but I never cut the Republicans up like Nan Rich.

I believe Nan Rich should have been working in Tallahassee to correct the unfair and unconstitutional election laws and procedures.

I will work against democrats should they not open up the political candidate selection process.

Enough is Enough

Richard Paul Dembinksy

corrections to my post ...hear is heard

and new is knew

I better start slowing down my typing or using my brain to proof; (I never go back)

That is why I am still upset with Charlie Crist see I ran against him in 2006 (12,000 votes)

I am having a real problem finding something good to say about Charlie Crist ...in fact I have unsubscribed from his money emails and tonight I even gave up on Alex Sink and her March 11, 2014 election attempt.

Maybe I should suggest that Alex Sink if she does not go to Washington D.C. would help teach me to be the next Chief Financial Officer.

I am concerned with those two Republican candidates running again Alex Sink, see the blonde with California roots is not a problem but the hand picked worker of Mr. Young's office is a big problem.

Even with Alex Sink's good name connection with President Obama may NOT be good enough to cause Alex Sink to have an easy win.

But what loss would come? Alex Sink could stay in Florida and run for Governor...qualifying is June 2014.
(Maybe Rick Scott planned it that way)

Bill Nelson YOU better go work on the space lab, because YOU are not connecting with Florida citizens...YOU are lost in the beltway of Washington....YOU should stay out of the gubernatorial race in Florida...Do NOT support Charlie Crist or attempt hand pick who YOU (Bill Nelson) want....to be the challenger to Honorable Rick Scott.

If only Rick Scott would make an effort to make one democrat happy in Volusia County.

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