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Deloitte defends its work on state unemployment website


Florida hired Deloitte to overhaul its unemployment-benefits website, and the roll out has been a disaster resulting in a multi-million dollar penalty for the contractor. The company issued an official response to the widespread criticism of its work late Friday.

Here is the full statement from Deloitte spokesman Jonathan Gandal:

"Throughout this project, Deloitte has worked in good faith to meet or exceed DEO’s criteria for acceptance of our work. We have successfully completed the tasks and activities outlined in our contract and all subsequent amendments. In just 60 days, the new system has surpassed the performance of the unsustainable systems it replaced, meeting or exceeding longer term key performance indicators by reducing average time to adjudicate separation issues, reducing the number of claims requiring staff intervention, and decreasing average time to implement lower authority appeals.  Performance will continue to improve as the system matures and as both departmental users and claimants become acclimated to its new functions.

"The vast majority of eligible claimants are successfully accessing the CONNECT system and receiving the Reemployment Assistance benefits to which they are entitled.  As we have communicated to DEO, we believe that any remaining issues deemed ‘high impact’ by DEO’s own definition either require Departmental actions or are otherwise beyond Deloitte’s control.  We will continue to provide warranty support to DEO, in accordance with our contract, and work diligently to resolve any warranty items as they are identified. We will also continue to work with DEO to clarify the true nature of the remaining issues and will hold ourselves strictly accountable for fixing anything within our control as quickly as possible."


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ed jenkins

The articles on websites handing our welfare payments are now approaching double digits, an occurrence which would be expected by the readers when there are too many reporters who have a job to print articles regardless of quality. This hometown paper would avoid losing subscribers if the content quality improved and we weren't simply given repeats of prior articles.

Also please discontinue spending money on some website that pays people not to work. the people of Florida do not believe that their money should be confiscated to pay others not to work.


Ed,Ed, Ed,
Such a sad little man you are.. Perhaps it's your own E.D., that makes you so sad and angry. Obama Care has a program to help you with that, in two ways. Now back to this "roll out" of ScottCare for Florida's ever growing number of unemployed; Is it worth the $63,000,000.00 spent thus far? Using the very same rhetoric as you've used about ObamaCare; compare and contrast these two programs. Remember what Jesus said?

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