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Democratic CFO candidate raises just $151 in November


The first Democrat to challenge incumbent Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater was a disaster, but this new guy has his own set of troubles.

William Rankin, a Fort Lauderdale businessman, faces questions about his resume and recently missed a financial reporting deadline. Now that his November fundraising totals have been posted online, we see there isn't much there.

$151. That's what Rankin raised in cash in November. Of course, that's a six-fold increase from his October haul of $25. He keeps his fledgling campaign afloat using $10,600 he loaned to himself.

Meanwhile, Republican Atwater has $814,756 on hand after raising $235,825 in November.

Rankin filed his paperwork at the beginning of October and announced his candidacy on Oct. 22. He says he is focused on traveling the state and getting to know Democrats around Florida, not raising money.

"There's a lot of time out there," he told the Times/Herald today.

As far as the people questioning his business background and military service, Rankin says he ignores them. "I don't pay any attention to it only because it's not true," he said.

So far, the Florida Democratic Party has left Rankin largely to his own devices. There are no cash or in-kind donations from the party or any political committees tied to Democrats. Since his campaign launched, party leaders haven't said much about Rankin either.

The first Democrat who stepped up to challenge Atwater, Allie Braswell, quit the race after four days following reports of multiple bankruptcies. Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant was panned by Republicans for getting behind a candidate that hadn't been thoroughly vetted.


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Richard Paul Dembinksy

Well, don't look now but another candidate (Stupid Richard Paul Dembinsky) will on June 1, 2014 challenge Honorable Jeff Atwater......Since When does money make everything that Jeff Atwater has been doing acceptable or the best Floridians should expect. What about YOUR insurance rates? What about Consumers being mistreated by State Farm? Oh, YOU don't know Richard Paul Dembinsky who will run either as a democratic or NPA. If Rankin wants his name on the November 4, 2014 ballot ...voters will have three choices. ONE with money, ONE with some money and the other WITH no contributions from anyone.



Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

Stay health...we cannot afford hits to our obamacare.

Drive Safely

Richard Paul Dembinksy

See I can prove that I am stupid....another typing error...typically not allowed by computers ...but it is posted for the future protest of computers always acting smarter than Richard.



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is free download......lots of spelling errors by design.

NOW Just look at page two of the book....or better yet enjoy reading the Preface.

Americans need a new President, a new Congress and surely someone to replace old Bill Nelson who is still going around in a capsule....never looking down at the people...

Okay, that was nasty but since I have YOUR attention...Honorable Richard L. Scott YOU have 11 months to fix the unfair and unconstitutional Florida Election Laws.

Charlie Crist YOU have 10 days to contact me ...

(I ran against Charlie Crist in 2006 and got votes in all 67 counties) Once I ran for State Senator and received 51,000 votes).........so getting 2,977,000 votes should be easy if Jeff Atwater becomes the next Lt. Governor.

Now Enjoy.

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