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Despite population growth, Florida doesn't eclipse New York

New York will hang onto its claim of being the third most-populous state in the nation — for now, at least.

Some demographers had predicted that rapidly growing Florida would sail into the third-place spot in 2013. But the figures released Monday by the U.S. Census Bureau put the Empire State ahead of Florida by 98,267 people.

That isn’t to say that Florida won’t eclipse New York soon.

The Sunshine State has been growing at a rate of 3.75 percent since 2010, according to the latest Census data.

New York’s rate of growth over the same time period: 1.3 percent.

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ed jenkins

As we have seen our state with its low tax business friendly environment has been an attractive destination for new yorkers and others who have had their states bankrupted by socialist politicians. We have had a good run of elected leaders going back to graham and chiles through bush and now the initially doubted but now revered scott who have promoted a friendly business environment and managed our states financed in an exemplary fashion with only a small four year interruption by a scumbag named crist who nearly put the state on the disastrous path of new York before scott came in. This article would not have been written during the disastrous crist years as florida for the first time on record saw a year of net migration out of the state as citizens feared the future crist presented and out of state people saw florida as less business and job friendly. The democrat party would be wise to put up a candidate that this democrat primary voter can vote for or they will see another certain loss in the general election as the buffoon crist has a typical campaign meltdown and loses by large margins.

ed jenkins

An additional note from the citizens of Florida to those moving here because of the great business and employment conditions, remember the awful conditions that you are leaving and make sure if you voted for those policies in your previous state that you avoid doing that here in order to preserve the great conditions that you are moving in for. specifically we Floridians do not approve of wage and price controls, regulations raising the cost of doing business here, laws increasing business costs, lawsuits which also greatly increase insurance premiums for all policy holders and laws or rules that take away from the family friendly environment that we have developed in the state. Having followed these guidelines the citizens have laid out we hope that you prosper in our state (and your new state) and add to our growth.


Ed Jenkins -- Thanks for speaking for the citizens of Florida. If anyone reads your rants at least they will know what to expect before they take the trouble to move here and maybe choose Texas or Kansas instead.

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