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Does Broward's "mobile office" that collects absentee ballots comply with Ken Detzner's directive? We don't know because he isn't commenting

by @amysherman1

Secretary of State Ken Detzner issued a directive to election supervisors last week stating that they “should not solicit return of absentee ballots at any place other than a supervisor’s office.” We tried to  find out if Broward's use of a "mobile office" -- a van that travels to announced spots and collects absentee ballots among other tasks -- complies with that directive.

"We don’t have enough details on their activity to comment at this time," Detzner's spokeswoman Brittany Lesser told the Tampa Bay Times' Steve Bousquet. 

If Detzner needs more details, he can read about Broward's mobile office in our post yesterday. Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes told us that she hasn't heard from Detzner's office about her mobile van. 

Any lawyers out there want to comment on whether a van constitutes an office? Let me know @amysherman1


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ed jenkins

As we have seen the lawless "supervisors" will now go to any extent to make sure that fraud and shenanigans will continue with absentee ballots. They have now invented a mobile fraud mobile to try to perpetrate the fraud. These "supervisors" need to be removed immediately for insubordination and charged with election fraud.

Tally Folly

@Ed The only folks who have been caught doing anything illegal with these absentee ballots are folks in Miami. Mostly Republicans.
GOP continues its voter suppression tour throughout Florida.

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