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FL Appeals Court rules public colleges, universities can't regulate guns on campus


A Florida appeals court on Tuesday handed down a potentially far-reaching ruling that would block state universities from regulating guns on campus.

The 1st District Court of Appeal _ in a rare opinion decided by the entire appeals court _ sided with a University of North Florida student and a gun rights group that challenged a university rule that bans students on campus from storing guns in their cars.

In a lengthy decision that prompted a strong dissent as well as multiple concurring opinions the appeals court ruled that the Florida Legislature has pre-empted the regulation of guns by local governments and state agencies.

The court decided the state’s 12 public universities are covered by this 2011 law. The ruling notes that while universities have the power to restrict lawful conduct _ like drinking or smoking on campus _ that power does not extend to regulating guns.

“Restricting recreational activities is a far cry from restricting a fundamental, constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self-defense,’’ wrote Judge Clay Roberts whose opinion was supported by the majority of the 15 judges who serve in the court.

Eric Friday, the attorney representing student Alexandria Lainez and Florida Carry Inc., said the court had properly considered “the facts of this case” and came to the right conclusion.

“The university does not have the right to pass rules and regulations about who may have firearms,’’ Friday said.

A spokeswoman for UNF said that the university was reviewing the case and had not yet decided whether to appeal the ruling.

Judge Philip Padovano wrote a stinging dissent where he noted that voters approved a constitutional amendment that created the current stand-alone state university system that gave it powers different from other agencies.

“These opinions pursue differing legal theories but they all arrive at the same conclusion: that a state university is powerless to prohibit students from bringing firearms to school,’’ he wrote. “This remarkable conclusion is not supported in the law, and with due respect for my colleagues, I believe that it defies common sense.”

Padovano argued that no one would ever doubt that a university professor could stop a student from making a religious speech in class even though they have First Amendment rights to make the same speech elsewhere.

Judge Scott Makar argued that the Legislature has had a long history of letting Floridians store guns in their cars and that universities did not have unlimited authority.

“...If universities can regulate away a 2nd Amendment right, why not a 1st Amendment one? Or one protected by the Fourth or Fifth Amendment? The point is rhetorical, but nonetheless meaningful because campus authority unchecked go astray of constitutional norms,’’ Makar wrote.

Florida law currently prevents anyone from possessing or exhibiting guns on school campuses, including university and college campuses.

That same law, however, says the automatic ban doesn’t apply to guns kept in cars. School districts, however, have the option to adopt policies to prohibit guns in cars parked on campus. UNF attorneys tried to argue that the university fell under this exception but that position was rejected by a majority of the court.

Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, said that the legislators may need to step in. He said he does not think that people should be able to take guns on college campuses. Thrasher was instrumental two years ago in blocking a proposal that would have allowed guns to be openly carried on campus.

“If colleges can’t regulate guns we may need to change that,’’ Thrasher said.


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Elaine Eckart

We will have to replace Sen. Thrasher. He may claim to be a Republican, but that doesn't change his Progressive Liberal stance.


@Elaine Eckart: Agree!


Guns on campus -- an issue to die for.


@Redundant, yes and the ones who die are the unarmed.


Good start. Now the courts have to give back the students rights to be able to defend themselves on campus. Face it. The only people helped by the gun ban on campus are the crazies who want to shoot up a campus. No crazy person has ever been stopped by a "gun free school zone" sign. All of the pro-crime gun control laws need to be eliminated.


A return to the wild west where rule of law was found at the end of a six gun. Where road rage becomes murder in an instance and family disputes are fatal. Don't dis me I am armed and paranoid. This ruling will make those drunken frat parties a lot more exciting. The government backed by conservatives has already abandoned the laws governing search and seizure and right to privacy. Protect us from ourselves in the great drug war but encourage every opinionated self server to carry an instrument of death at all times and in all places. The right to shoot anybody anytime you feel threatened falls right into line.


You are wrong. How is a gun stored in a car and the owner is across campus going to help anyone? AND, with this becoming a public notice, criminals will then target vehicles on campus and they will become armed. Come idiots, think this through. You all are rushing to stand next to some liberal idiot. I believe in the right to bear arms but think before you start waving this flag.

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