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Florida Supreme Court approves new execution drug

From the Associated Press: 

The Florida Supreme Court is giving its approval for the state's new lethal injection procedure and the execution of a man who killed a prison guard while on death row can proceed.

The court ruled Thursday that a new drug used to render condemned prisoners unconscious works effectively.

Askari Abdullah Muhammad, formerly known as Thomas Knight, was scheduled for execution Dec. 3. The court delayed the execution and ordered hearings on a claim that the sedative midazolam hydrochloride doesn't prevent pain after being administered.

The 62-year-old Knight has been on death row for nearly 40 years. He was convicted of fatally stabbing Corrections Officer Richard Burke with the sharpened end of a spoon in 1980.

Knight was originally condemned for the 1974 murders of Sidney and Lillian Gans of Miami Beach. 


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ed jenkins

This method deprives Floridians of one of the icons of the state and a household name until recently - Old Sparky". Bring back old sparky so that there can at least be some suffering by these evil people at the end and we citizens can again join in the process by turning down our electricity so sparky could use a little more. Even better the occasional malfunctions caused even more suffering by the evil murderers so they could feel what their victims felt.

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