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Golden Bear to raise campaign gold for Gov. Scott

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus, the "Golden Bear," will soon open his substantial checkbook to support Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign, and he's asking others to do the same. The invitations to a Jan. 15 evening event at Jack and Barbara Nicklaus' home in North Palm Beach ask for $10,000 donations to Scott's campaign organization, www.letsgettowork.net.

Nicklaus is a long-time Floridian and a dedicated Republican, and he and Scott have an interesting history.

They hit it off soon after Scott's election in 2010, and after conversations on how to promote tourism in Florida, Scott threw his support behind a legislation in the 2011 session that would have allowed Nicklaus-designed golf courses in state parks, as Nicklaus' lobbyist, Jim Smith, recalled. But the sponsor of the proposal in the House, Rep. Patrick Rooney, R-Palm Beach Gardens, dropped the idea following an avalanche of opposition as the Tampa Bay Times' Craig Pittman reported at the time. Environmental groups were wary of the proposal, and GolfWeek magazine did not think much of the Nicklaus golf trail proposal at the time, either.

-- Steve Bousquet


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ed jenkins

While not necessarily a surprise for a republican to donate to that party's nominee, a man of Jack Nicklaus' stature and integrity is a very notable endorsement for a governor who as noted had a skeptic in Nicklaus but was won over after the 2010 election. As a longtime golfer I know about Mr. Nicklaus long history of exemplary sportsmanship and integrity such as when he conceded a longer than normal putt to end his match against Tony Jacklin in a tie despite Mr. Nicklaus' ability to win the match and later his willing to share the presidents cup with the international team when he could have argued that it belonged to the U.S. While this democrat primary voter was skeptical initially about the political novice Scott I and the citizens of Florida have been won over and this endorsement by the most respected and honorable Jack Nicklaus ends any doubt the citizens may have.


He donated to Romney as well as stumped for him on the campaign trail and you saw how well that worked out for Romney. This campaign will not be based on money or celebrity, it will be a referendum on Rick Scott and his failed governance.


I have great respect for Mr. Nicklaus' golf accomplishments, but that does not mean I have to respect Rick Scott because an accomplished golfer opens his pocketbook to the man.

My understanding of this story is that Nicklaus thought it would be a great idea for parts of our state parks to be turned into golf courses - ones designed by him (and his team) which would profit ... him. If he's putting big money into Rick Scott's campaign, you can bet they have a new deal. And I think people who care about the environment should find out as much about what that could be as soon as possible.

Me, I think tourism in the state would be increased far more by having a rail system connecting Miami-Orlando-Tampa-Cape Canaveral. I think that would bring tons more tourists, tons more jobs, than a couple of golf courses in our State Parks.

Tally Folly

Rich white men supporting rich white men. Nothing to see here, except some unpurchased Jack Nicholas golf gear due to his poor judgement and association with a modern robber baron.

Indie Thinker

Ed's making a good parody of a Scott supporter as usual.

Meanwhile, MarvinM is right. That was a deal that got slapped down a couple of years back when legislators heard too much protest. You can bet there's a back patting contest going on behind the scenes, and Nickalus has already decided where the 18th hole at Dickinson Park in West Palm will go.

And he's even being generous -- he's offering to let some of Florida's unemployed and homeless live in the sand traps!

ed jenkins

As we have seen there is no man more respected in public life that Mr. Nicklaus for his integrity in the game and business career outside of golf as well has his extremely generous charitable giving especially through the Nicklaus childrens foundation. Floridians initially doubted the political novice scott but to have the support of a man of nickalus' stature is the final item needed to convince voters such as this democrat primary voter of scott's abilities. The citizens are thrilled with his fiscal stewardship after the disaster he was left from the scumbag crist and while this democrat primary voter would love to have a democrat nominee to support in the general election that won't be the case if it is the scumbag against scott.

As someone who has played the Robert T. Jones and Audubon trails in Louisiana and knows many who have traveled to those states to play golf this idea is a brilliant idea to win some golf travel business to florida, a state lacking in true golf resorts in many parts of the state.


Floridians still doubt the political novice scott.

Give em hell Charlie!

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